Do Lifestraws Expire

Do Lifestraws Expire? And How Long Does a Lifestraw Last?

It has to be said that drinking water outdoors is one of the most troublesome problems. Today's adventurers will carry some water filter devices with them, and the most popular is the water filter straw. Small shape, simple and powerful water filtration effect, can solve the fatal problem of body water shortage in some emergency water shortage situations. So it's called life straw.


But there are headache-questions. When you encounter the above-mentioned emergency water shortage in the wild, and you get a water purification straw, how to judge whether the suction tube is effective or not? Is the water filtering effect effective? So these two questions are involved, do life straws expire? And how long does a life strawlast?


Especially when it comes to water filtration and citation safety. Fortunately, most people are not rushing to cross the no-man's land. Nowadays, outdoor water filtration is generally a filtration system of dialysis membrane and fiber mesh. , so many reviews and short videos of outdoor water purification products can filter the colorless and transparent sewage is actually a routine operation.


What is Lifestraw Components, and Do Lifestraws Expire?

There three kinds material of water filter straw, each of them has different function while the same aim. Each of them are in a unique expire term, which might answer question of ‘do life straws expire?’


Do Lifestraws Expire

PP Cotton

This pp cotton filter many used in the first filtering station, its main task is to remove dirt, sand, and some particles are easy to filter. And this material does not have an expiry date because it is a natural fiber. The time that cotton will last will depend on how it is stored and what it is exposed to while in storage, but generally, cotton will last indefinitely if it is stored properly.


Activated Carbon Fiber

Originally, for a sealed activated carbon filter, the storage term can be up to 3 years. Carbon is a natural absorbent and once exposed (unwrapped) it will start working. Therefore, it is better to seal activated carbon once you’ve done using. And once the activated carbon being first used, then its serving life can be up to six months.


Fiber Membrane

Hollow fiber (HF) UF membrane technology provides an effective way to purify water by using physical barrier filtration to remove pathogens from water. Ultrafiltration purification requires no chemicals. it is efficient; and does not remove all natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium.


How Long Do Life Straws Last?

How Many Times Can You Use a LifeStraw? Or how long can you use a lifestraw? Normally a LifeStraw can be used many times. The gauge unit of it is Liter. They are usually rank from 4,000 - 5,000 L per. This means that if you use LifeStraw to filter your drinking water every day, it can be used for about four years. According to an adults per day water-need, one water straw can support you to have a 3-4 years trip. Ready to be homeless in wild with a water straw? With it you can survive for 4 years without an apology to your family, because you are gonna make it.


Recommended life straws

Here are two recommended life straw filters in different expiry terms

  1. Personal Water Filter Straw for Emergency Use
personal water filter straw

This personal water filter straw has ability to filter 5,000L of water, can serve you for 4 years.

  1. Portable Lifestraw Water Purifier
portable lifestraw water purifier

The portable lifestraw water purifier can filter water up to 1,500L, serving life is 1.5 years.


How to Use a Life Straw?

The first time you use the LifeStraw you must prime it by uncapping the top and bottom, inserting the base of the straw into the contaminated water, making sure not to get the mouthpiece wet, and then let it sit for 30 seconds as water creeps up the membrane. Details of how to use lifestraw are as below:


Remove and rinse filter housing. Wash the straw.

Remove filter housing cap and install Activated Carbon + Ion Exchange Filter.

Place housing in straw, ensure water spouts align.

Fill with water and discard once filtered.

Ready to use! Enjoy fresh, filtered water.


Are Lifestraws Safe to Use?

Many customers might have the question that ‘are life straws safe?’. The answer can be controversy. Whether it is safe, it depends on if there some virus smaller than 0.1-micron pore size. Not only can the water source achieve a purification effect of 0.01 microns, but also filter out 99% of bacterial microorganisms, which can purify up to one thousand liters of water at a time. When you are thirsty outdoors, you only need to insert it into the water, suck it into the straw, and the dirty water can be turned into drinking water immediately.


In some underdeveloped countries, it is too difficult to drink clean water. The appearance of this drinking artifact helped them solve a big problem. It can provide emergency drinking water guarantee for those disaster-stricken people who have difficulty in drinking water, especially those in mountainous areas. Life straw, meaning that your life is in the straw and in your hand, but some people wondered that through this drinking life straw, is the filtered water really healthy? Will people get sick after drinking it for a long time? If it is you , do you have the courage to drink such water? As long as you are really thirsty, you will definitely drink it.


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Does Lifestraw Remove Viruses and Bacteria?

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Leanne Kwock
Leanne Kwock

Just ordered Lifestraw Go water bottle for Europe Trip. Did you say it will not remove Lead? Please advise more.

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