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is alkaline water better than regular water and purified water

Is Alkaline Water Better Than Regular Water and Purified Water?

What water do you drink every day? Regular tap water, purified water, or alkaline water? So is alkaline water really better than regular and purified water like the saying goes on...

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what is air quality alert and ozone alert

What is Air Quality Alert(Ozone Alert): Improve Air Quality in Home

Have you ever noticed that the air feels thick and heavy when you walk outside? Or have you noticed a strange haze hanging over the city? These are just a...

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Is Philly Tap Water Safe to Drink

Is Philly Tap Water Safe to Drink After Chemical Spill in the Delaware River?

There is growing concerning about the impact of acrylic latex polymer on the water supply, after chemical spill in the Delaware River in Philadelphia on 24/3, and acrylic latex polymer...

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Why Does My Room Smell Like Poop, Fart, Sour, Sweat?

Why Does My Room Smell Like Poop, Fart, Sour, Sweat?

Why does my room smell like poop or fart, even sour like vinegar or sweaty all the time? If you are having these problems,it is when you need to address the source of...

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can mold make you sick

Can Mold Make You Sick? - Symptoms & Prevention

Do you know that you and your family might be suffering a mold invasion in your house? You might haven’t noticed that, and even worse ignored the spread of mold...

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what is tds ppm in water and how to reduce them in drinking water

What is TDS PPM in Water & How to Reduce Them in Drinking Water?

Do you know what TDS and ppm are in the water? We can determine the quality of water, the concentration of dissolved substances in water, and the possible impact on...

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HEPA 13 VS. HEPA 14: Which One to Choose for Home?

Are you confusing about the difference HEPA 13 VS. HEPA 14 filters when choosing an air purifier for home? They both have the efficiency in purifying air pollution, while there’s...

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what happens if you drink too much water

What Happens if You Drink Too Much Water - Water Intoxication

Have you ever wondered what happens if you drink too much water? Will it have a negative impact on your body and health? Water is the source of life, and...

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hard water vs soft water

Hard Water VS Soft Water: Is Hard or Soft Water Better for You?

In this article, we will delve into the topic of hard water vs soft water and attempt to determine is hard or soft water better for you.

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Should I buy an air purifier

Should I Buy an Air Purifier? Is It Worth It to Buy an Air Purifier at Home?

Indoor air quality is a growing concern for many people, especially those who suffer from respiratory issues, allergies, or asthma. As a result, air purifiers have become a popular solution...

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