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Best Tips to Install a RO Water Filter

Water filter changing time: Once the pure water equipment works for 240 hours, and the RO membrane should be cleaned once with drugs.   The RO membrane should be replaced after the pure water equipment has worked for 2900 hours.

Things You Should Know Before Installing RO Water Filter

RO water filter system is a quite powerful and effective technique that helps to remove heavy metals, microbiological salts, and other impurities through the multi-stage filtration system. 

How to Choose Air and Water Purifiers?

Today air and water purifiers are becoming increasingly popular. The market is filled with devices from many of the most diverse manufacturers, specializing exclusively in air purification and water purification. What is essential to know and what to pay attention to when choosing?

How to choose an air purifier?

Air purifiers are relatively easy to use and maintain devices that can help solve this problem. And it is worth saying that they are helpful in city apartments. However, even if you live in nature, you can be surrounded by different allergens and the same dust.

3 Tips to React to Wildfire Smoke - Help You Breathe Healthy Air

A wildfire can cause many problems, especially breathing issues. How do deal with air pollution caused by wildfire smoke? This passage will tell you how through the following tips

Are Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems Indispensable?

Reverse osmosis is one of the most valuable forms of water filtration. Unlike chemical or carbon filtration systems, which utilize specific materials to draw or directly target the contaminants in the water. Therefore, reverse osmosis works by forcing water through a microscopically thin filter textile

Reverse Osmosis V.S Ultrafiltration Water Filter

Are you confusing about which kind of water filter to choose between Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafication water filter? They both are efficient in some specific situation, they have different structures, which form the different features of them. 

Why Choose Filtered Water Than Tap Water?

Although the factory standard of tap water is strict, there are still many hidden dangers, because the tap water will be polluted twice in the process of entering thousands of households.

Boiled Water vs. Filtered Water, Which Is Better for Health?

Comparing with filtered water, we found that boiling water is not fully purified, as harmful contaminants as lead and chlorine has been left.Plus, using a water filter offers more convenience than waiting for the water to boil and cool, allowing you to enjoy healthy, delicious water at the touch of...

4 Reasons Your Filtered Water Taste Bad

sometimes you might find that your filtered water taste bad, and wonder why? You might have encountered the following four issues: you are using a new RO water filter. your water filtration is aging. you have not used your water filter for a long interval time. your water filter is...

Best Filters to Remove Heavy Metals from Water

Water filter is common to see around us now, while do you know that water filtration is improved to remove most heavy metal from the water we drink every day. Where do these heavy metals come from? They are from ourselves, from our life garbage, it has been a serious issue...

5 Signs to Tell An Expired Water Filter

Water filter is common used in our daily life, it benefits us a lot by providing us nearly 100% pure water, while it can get expired, do you know how it get expired? How long is the lifespan? And How to tell an expired water filter? This article will guide you...

4 Tips to Enhance the Efficiency of Air Purifier By Placing Correctly

The four suggestions above will help you choose the best location for your air purifier. Not only are they ideal for air purification, but they also increase the efficiency of air purifiers. In addition, they help reduce energy consumption.

3 Differences Between Air Purifier and Dehumidifier

Air purifier and air dehumidifier are both common devices in our daily life, they both have the effect of improving the air, while they are so different in three ways, principle, purpose, performance.

One Article Helps You Know What Exactly HEPA Air Purifier Can Do

Air purifier machine is a common household equipment, while you might haven’t known what exacty it’s helping you to clean. This article will guide you to know  powerful strengths of the air filtering machine, Smell removal, Dust removal, Allergies removal. 

Can Air Purifier Efficiently Remove Smoke?

Air purifier is becoming more and more popular in our life, it’s a necessary part of our high quality life. There are still good markets of them, to get in it, choosing a professional manufacturer is a key point.