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How to Get Rid of Mold in House Naturally?

Mold has bothered our life for a long term, once it gets in the room, it will potentially affect our health. And it will make our home smell bad, following this article, I will show you what are the symptoms of mold exposure, how to stop clothes smelling musty in wardrobe, and how to remove musty smell from a house.

How to Remove Bad Smell from Room Naturally?

HEPA filter helps remove bad smell from room naturally, it refers to the filter that meets the HEPA (High Efficiency Air Filter) standard. It has the advantages of large adsorption capacity and high purification efficiency. 

How to remove common pollutants of air at home?

Air pollution is always the biggest environment issue to the global world. We have been exposed to the air pollution without a notice, it’s everywhere, working office, public places, and especially at home.

How to Choose Correct Sizes of Air Purifier to Different Rooms?

The worst thing you do it to purchase an under-power air purifier for your room, and it does not work well even at cleaning the air around you. While you are unaware of that you are breathing unhealthy air with it running. So you should read this article to know...

Should You Use Filtered Water for Coffee?

it is necessary to have a RO water filter at your home, no matter for family daily use or just for coffee drink, it is the best machine. We all know that coffee is a drink with a little sour taste, if you pour normal tab water into your coffee drink, it will...

How to Make a Water Purifier at Home and in the Wild?

How to make a simple water filter? Pure water is a very important to our life, while water existing in our life, is always polluted. Then a water filter should be there to purify it before it gets into our body.

Do Lifestraws Expire? And How Long Does a Lifestraw Last?

According to an adult’s per day water-need, one water straw can support you to have a 3-4 years trip. Ready to be homeless in wild with a water straw? With it you can survive for 4 years without an apologize to your family, because you are gonna make it.

Can Bad Air Quality Make You Sick Really Bad?

Bad air quality might be a latent factor in many diseases, cancer and heart attack are two serious diseases. This article will show you how does air quality affect our health and the solution to it.

Air Purifier vs Air Conditioner- Can They Work Together?

Although air purifiers and air conditioners have similar functions, such as fans, filters, and vents, they serve very different purposes. Air conditioners allow you to cool the air in your home and maintain a certain temperature inside.

Four Questions about House Air Purifier Using

A house air purifier can effectively remove harmful substances in the home, including second-hand smoke, formaldehyde, dust mites, pollen, natural air pollution, and other pollutants.

Is Air Filter Washable and How to Clean it Properly?

Inhaling HEPA will improve efficiency, but it is not effective and may damage HEPA. Not to mention cleaning HEPA, cleaning will only reduce efficiency. But there is a part of HEPA filter can be cleaned - Pre-filter.

How to Properly Use an Air Purifier? - 5 Points to Know

Air purifiers, also known as air cleaners, refer to products that can filter or kill air pollutants and effectively improve air cleanliness. Proper use of the air purifier can not only ensure the service life of the air purifier but also ensure the best purification effect of the air purifier.

What is the Healthiest Type of Water to Drink?

Water takes up 60% in human body, so we need to drink 3.7 liters of water per day, so the necessity of health in water should catch our more attentions. Today let’s find out what is the healthiest type of water to drink, and what can I do to make...

Best Tips of Water Purifier Installation

Water filter changing time: Once the pure water equipment works for 240 hours, and the RO membrane should be cleaned once with drugs.   The RO membrane should be replaced after the pure water equipment has worked for 2900 hours.

Things You Should Know Before Installing RO Water Filter

RO water filter system is a quite powerful and effective technique that helps to remove heavy metals, microbiological salts, and other impurities through the multi-stage filtration system. 

How to Choose Air and Water Purifiers?

Today air and water purifiers are becoming increasingly popular. The market is filled with devices from many of the most diverse manufacturers, specializing exclusively in air purification and water purification. What is essential to know and what to pay attention to when choosing?