5 Micron 10" × 2.5" CTO Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge Replacement

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  • UNIVERSAL SIZE - The standard 5 micron 10" x 2.5" CTO carbon filter is suitable for most standard Reverse Osmosis System, Under Sink Filtration System, Countertop Drinking Water Filter, RV Water Filtration, Catchment system and whole house filtration system with standard 10-inch housing.
  • 💧 SUPERIOR AND SAFE MATERIAL - Membrane Solutions activated carbon block water filter is NSF certified, made of high-quality coconut shell activated carbon, and refined by a series of restricted production processes, which is the most suitable activated carbon for drinking water filtration.
  • 💧 EFFICIENT AND RELIABLE FILTRATION - Our CTO carbon filter has strong adsorption capacity. It can not only filter up to 99% of sediment, rust, silt, sand, iron, and other undissolved particulates, but also reduce the chlorine, odors to improve the water taste and quality.
  • 💧 HEALTHY AND TASTY WATER - Pre-filter and protect household appliances which have low requirements for water flow rate, like Refrigerator Water Dispenser, Ice Maker, Coffee Maker, Dishwasher, etc. Making beverages with filtered water, tasty and healthy. The carbon water filter is the best choice to treat municipal water or tap water which has residual chlorine because of water chlorination treatment.
  • 💧 LONG LIFETIME - 5 micron carbon filter has a long life span of up to 15,000 gallons. We recommend that it be replaced every 3-6 months (it also depends on your water quality) so that you could have a wonderful and enjoyable water experience.
  • 💧 PLEASANT USING EXPERIENCE - Easy to install, you can even install the carbon filter cartridge by yourself without a plumber. Pack of 6 makes it saving and convenient to the filter replacement.