Personal Water Filter Straw for Emergency Use

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Products Water Filter Straw II_
Cartridge Lifespan 5,000L
(1320 Gallons)
Flow Rate_ Max 500ml/min_
Filtration Stage GAC(1,200mg/g iodine
value) +UF
Filter pore size_ Hollow Fibers 0.1 Micron_
Use For_ Personal_

Strengths of Personal Water Filter Straw

MSPure has been caring about people's water drinking health for decades, we aim to help each of us be able to reach pure clean water by producing the most powerful water filter. The following are the details of our personal water filter straw for emergency use.

  • 4 Stage filtering Straw
    The 4-Stage Filtration system is combined of coarse filter screen, pp cotton, coconut shell activated carbon and hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes, which can remove 99.99999% of coliforms and 99.53960% of turbidity in raw water to ensure clean drinking water.
  • Multi-Use Emergency Water filtering straw
    The outdoor water filtering straw for survival is a must-carry tool for multiple uses as camping, hiking, climbing, fishing, travelling and even good for emergency preparedness.
  • Premium Filtering Performance
    Compact frame but bigger capacity and faster flow rate, long lifespan to filter up to 5,000 liters of drinking water. Reusable design, easy to use with no batteries required and won't expire like water purification tablets.
  • More Filtering Modes
    Direct use as a personal water filter straw, also ideal to connect directly with standard plastic water bottles to squeeze for pure water; even add an extension silicone tube for more distance to drink (Tubing NOT Included); also works as a replacement gravity filter to provide fresh water for group needs.
  • Superior Detachable Function
    Upgraded design to be disassembled at both ends. Innovative backwash design, direct flushing with water and dry store for next use. This filter has unique innovative detachable design: It is truly reusable,money-saving.

The 4-Stage Filtration System

PP Cotton-1

The PP Cotton-1 is a sediment block filter designed to remove dirt, sand, and other particulate matter down to the 5-micron level; along with taste and odors.

Activated Carbon Fiber

ACF filter elements can offer longer life, it removes sand and other particles through adsorption. Absorption soaks up particles like a sponge to water. Adhering particles to a surface like a piece of Velcro. Organic compounds bond or stick to the surface of a carbon filter because water and contaminants are both polar compounds that attract one another.
Carbon fiber are extremely porous and have a large surface area, making them effective at reducing bad tastes, odors, and other particles in water.

PP Cotton-2

The PP Cotton-2 is still a sediment block filter for further remove dirt, sand, and other particulate matter.

Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane

The pores of the Membrane that allow water to flow through the fibers are up to 0.1 microns in size, which can remove 99.99999 percent of coliforms, and as well as bad odor, make water taste better.

4 stage filtration system

How Does the Emergency Water Straw Work?

Stage 1: The water from coarse filter gets through PP Cotton, intercept residual particles will be rejected here, and the stage can reduce water turbidity.

Stage 2: This stage is an activated carbon filter, with 5microns average pore size, it can efficiently remove Odor, improve the taste of water.

Stage 3: The water will get a further filtering through PP Cotton.

Stage 4: The core stage of the filter, it is a hollow fiber, the average pore size of it is 0.1 micron. It can remove 99.99999% coliforms in the water.

Recommended Replace Period of Filter

After filtering 5000L water ( ideal conditions), or when Personal Water Filter becomes more difficult to draw water through, or off-odors and tastes are no longer removed, it has reached its recommended service life. Suggest to replace with a new Membrane Solutions Personal Water Filter.
To know more about the personal water filter straw, check on the user manual.

personal water filter straw

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