MSA3/MSA3S Series Enhanced Smoke Removal Air Purifier Filter Replacement

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  • In order to solve the problem of smoke, we specially formulated an enhanced air purifier filter element for smoke removal.
  • Smoke Filtration Efficiency: The primary goal of the filter element is to effectively capture and remove smoke particles from the air.
  • H13 True HEPA Filter removes 99.97% of particles, improves air quality, and relieves allergies
  • Activated Carbon Layer: Incorporate an activated carbon layer or treatment in the filter element to help absorb and neutralize smoke odors.
  • Particle Pre-Filtration: Include a pre-filter layer that can capture larger particles such as ash or dust, which may be present along with the smoke.
  • OdallerPure Technology for superior odor elimination, ideal for homes with smokers.
  • High filtration performance for large rooms, bedrooms, and whole house air purifiers
  • Properly sealed with a service life of 6-8 months
  • Safety protection design ensures proper installation and protects the air purifier
  • Unauthorized filters may damage the purifier and lack verified HEPA performance.
  • Return & Refund Policy: Request a return within 30 days of receiving the product. We'll notify you about refund approval after inspecting your return. If approved, you'll be refunded via your original payment method.
  • Extended Warranty: 1-year warranty from the purchase date.
  • Shipping: Overseas orders ship within 3 business days and domestic orders within 3-5 days.

Genuine Membrane Solutions MSA3/MSA3S 
Air Cleaner Element

Tailored for Smoke and Odor Removal
with 3-in-1 HEPA filter System

Top Air Filter for Disinf. & Allergies
Anti-Bacterial Filter

Anti-Bacterial Filter, With the Odallerpure Technology, removes the Bacteria and Virus up to 99.9%

OdallerPure-Exclusive Deodorization Patent
OdallerPure-Exclusive Deodorization Patent

3-in-1 hepa filter System


HEPA Filter

MSA3S Series Enhanced Smoke Removal Air Purifier Filter Replacement .jpg__PID:3b614ffe-fdf6-4512-8fd3-0279bcc414b3

Activated Carbon Filter

OdallerPure® Tech.

Upgraded 6-Stage Filtration System
for 1590 ft² in 60 minutes

Comparing 4 Types of MSA3(s) Air Filters

  • Smoke Remover Filter: Suitable for Smoke Relief, Allergies And Asthma
  • Pet Allergy Filter: Suitable for Pet Lovers,  Allergies And Asthma
  • Toxin Absorber Filter: Suitable for  Baby Care, Allergies And Asthma
  • Original Filter: Suitable for Allergies And Asthma, Baby Care, Pet Lovers, Smoke Relief
Comparing 4 Types of MSA3(s) Air Filters.jpg__PID:8b07458d-6166-4f66-a135-d9f775254ffe

Powerful and Long-lasting

Allergies And Asthma.jpg__PID:40643221-d015-4af7-9ecd-3eca0190a46c
Pet Lovers.jpg__PID:6fc94064-3221-4015-aaf7-decd3eca0190
Baby Care.jpg__PID:643221d0-15ea-47de-8d3e-ca0190a46cc6
Smoke Relief.jpg__PID:3221d015-eaf7-4ecd-beca-0190a46cc6dd

Best Air Filter for Disinf. & Allergies
Anti-Bacterial Filter

Cigarette Smoke

Pollen Allergy

Wildfire Smoke

Kitchen Smoke

Dust & Bacteria & Viruses

Pet Allergy & Odor

Enhance Air Purification Performance
with Our Original Element Air Filter

To ensure the effectiveness of air purification, we recommend selecting our original element air filter.

  • Non-original filters: HEPA filters that have not undergone standard testing or performance verification.
  • Unofficial filters are not reliable.
  • They may potentially damage the air purifier.


BrandMembrane Solutions
Product Dimensions1.65"D x 11.8"W x 15.75"H
Item Weight0.71 Kilograms
Air PurifierMSA3 Air Filter
MSA3s Air Filter
  • 1*User Manual
  • 1*Filter
  • 100% Ozone-Free
  • Provided with 90-Day Return
  • 1-year basic warranty
    1-year extended warranty

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