T1-6 6-Stage Water Filter Replacement Cartridge for T1 Series

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RO Filter

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6 - Stage_RO water filter replacement_contains pp filter, GAC filter, CTO filter, RO filter, T33 FILTER, and PH filter. Each of them has its unique power in water filtration, high filtering efficiency, and long lifespan, this can be a perfect choice for your house or apartment.


6 Stages of RO Water Filter System

1st Stage Sediment Filtration

In the 5 stage reverse osmosis replacement filters set sediment filtration Working as the 1st stage in the 5 stage RO System water filter replacement cartridge, removing large particles like dirt, rust, sand in the water and protecting other filters from fine particles. It's recommended to replace every 6 months (varies from the water quality).

2nd and 3rd Pre-Carbon Filter

2nd and 3rd Stage Granular Activated Carbon and Carbon Block Filter protects you from VOCs, chlorine, odors and unpleasant tastes. Also removes and other common chemicals from the water. It's recommended to replace every 6 months (varies from the water quality).
4th Stage RO Membrane

The 4th Stage Reverse Osmosis Membrane filters out large contaminants in the water including heavy metals, dissolved solids, fluoride and more. It's recommended to replace every 2 years (varies from the water quality).

5th Stage Post Carbon Filter

The 5th Stage Coconut shell Post Carbon Filter removes any unpleasant odor or taste in the water. It's recommended to replace every 1 year (varies from the water quality).

6th Mineralization Filter

Mineralization Filter against microbial water contamination, it can purify water to the top level.

6-stage water filter replacement catridge

Standard Universal RO Water Filter for Different Devices

Universal 10 inch water filter replacement Cartridge. Fits most standard 6 stage alkaline reverse osmosis water replacement filter system, compatible with iSpring RCC7AK, RCC7P-AK, Express Water, APEC, Global Water, Flowmatic, PuROLine, Crystal Quest, etc.