RO Membrane Replacement for Water Filters

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This set of water filters is combined with a 50 GPD RO membrane filter and two activated carbon water filters, especially for water treatment at home, they are convenient to install, and fine seal design against water leakage. The activated carbon filter_can help reduce chlorine, lead, arsenic, select VOCs, and 13 other impurities, and of course undissolved solids. Keep your drinking and cooking water safe and great-tasting.


MATERIAL SAFETY: MS Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes are made from 100% food-grade Thin Film Composite (TFC) material for ultimate purification performance with high permeate flow, tested by an independent third-party to meet NSF/ANSI 58 standards, providing safe-clean drinking water.

Universal Membrane Size: Industry standard element size of 11.75 x 1.75 inches, designed for use with standard 1812/2012 residential RO membrane enclosures with a 2-inch ID. Matching to most reverse osmosis water filtration systems.

WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Reverse osmosis water filter replacement for standard membranes including but not limited to APEC MEM-ES-50, Aquatic Life 330084, AXEON TF-1812-50, Dow Filmtec TW30-1812-50, Express Water FLTMEME50, FS TFC TFC- 1812-50, GE FX12M, iSpring MC5.

ON-DEMAND SUPPORT: Our experts are here to help and ready to answer any questions you may have about RO membranes. Have concerns or questions? US customer support is available throughout the life of the product. Welcome to the Membrane Solutions family.

 LONG-LIFE: Membrane elements are shipped dry in their original sealed packaging and have an expected life of 24 to 36 months depending on average feed water quality, temperature and inlet pressure.

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Principle of RO membrane filter 

RO membrane with a high 97% stabilized salt rejection rate. Hundreds of impurities are reduced by over 99% through the 0.0001-micron TFC membrane layer, including heavy metals (fluoride, calcium, magnesium, lead, colloids, chromium, and nitrates), organic materials, and harmful minerals, including other soluble salts found in water resources.

Principle of Activated Carbon in Water Treatment

The principle of activated carbon in water treatment is to form a layer of balanced surface concentration on the surface of the particles, and then adsorb organic impurities into the activated carbon particles, and the adsorption in the initial stage of use is very effective. In general, the smaller the activated carbon particles, the larger the filter area.

 So, strong activated carbon has a largest total area and good adsorption, but powdered activated carbon is easy to flow into the aquarium with water, which is difficult to control and is rarely used. MS activated carbon filter has well solved this problem by combine high quality coconut shell carbon into a carbon filter cartridge. Fine outlook, and high efficiency.