About Us

Membrane Solutions Corp was founded in 2006 in Washington, USA, and have proudly passed ISO9001, CE, FDA and NSF certification early in 2013. For more than a decade, we have devoted continuous efforts to bringing about pure water and air solutions to all humankind with high-tech membrane technologies, mainly focusing on laboratory and industrial purification and filtration.

Integrate plentiful experience gained from the practice with precise customer insights, we proudly establish MS Pure as a brand uniquely for the residential division. Empowered by the advanced membrane technology and the constant pursuit of sustainable purity, MS Pure endeavors to provide the original purification technology living up to American high- precision standard to drive life aesthetics.

Bringing purity and health to individuals, families, nature, and the earth is our philosophy. We are committed to offering the products of highest quality to truly purify water and air, to create a clean, comfortable, secure and sustainable living environment for every consumer.

No matter you are on an exciting hiking trip in the wild woods, eager to quench your thirst with some fresh water; or enjoying a cup of coffee on your cozy sofa, relaxing and longing for some crisp air while taking a deep breath, MS Pure can always help to provide you with pure water and air solutions by your hand.

MS Pure: our membrane, for your pure water and air solutions.