U3 Stainless Steel Travel Gravity-Fed Water Filter for Hiking

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Products Travel Gravity-Fed Water Filter
Filter Capacity 9000 Gallons
Flow Rate_ Max 450ml/min_
Fillter System Ultrafiltration, Ultraviolet, Carbon
Filter pore size_ 0.1µm
Use For_ Group/Family_

Stay Hydrated and Healthy with the Stainless Steel Water Filter Hiking Water Filter

Are you an outdoor enthusiast, traveler, or someone who simply wants access to clean drinking water on the go? Look no further than our portable travel water filter for hiking! This stainless steel water filter is with advanced filtration technology, high capacity, and easy-to-use design, our filter is the perfect solution for anyone who needs access to clean and safe drinking water wherever they go. Whether you're hiking in the mountains, camping in the woods, or traveling to a foreign country, our filter provides you with peace of mind and hydration when you need it most. Say goodbye to the inconvenience and expense of bottled water and say hello to clean, refreshing water with our portable travel water filter.

Perfect Membrane Solutions Travel Water Filter for Hiking in Coli Removal

Membrane Solutions travel water filter is packed with features that make it the perfect companion for travelers, hikers, campers, and anyone who needs access to clean and safe drinking water on the go.

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Better Activated Carbon Filters With A UF Filter Within One Hiking Water Filter

This hiking water filter is equipped with three activated carbon filters with a UF filter, providing superior filtration performance compared to other travel water filters on the market. Activated carbon filters are highly effective at removing impurities and contaminants at 1 micron from water, such as chlorine, sediment, and organic compounds, while the UF filter uses a specialized membrane to remove pollutants at 0.1 microns, especially for Coli removal, the removal rate can reach at 99.99%.

With three activated carbon filters and a UF filter, our travel water filter can provide even greater filtration capacity and effectiveness, ensuring that you can enjoy clean and safe drinking water no matter where your travels take you. The activated carbon filters are also replaceable, making it easy to maintain optimal filtration performance over time.

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UV Water Purifier For Hiking Protect You From Virus and Bacteria Especially Coli

This filter features a UV water purifier with a cutting-edge UV spigot that effectively protects you from harmful viruses and bacteria in your water supply. This innovative technology uses ultraviolet light to destroy 99.99% of microorganisms, including E. coli, salmonella, and other waterborne pathogens that can cause serious illness. With our UV spigot, you can rest assured that you're drinking safe and clean water, even in remote or challenging environments. This makes our travel water filter the perfect companion for adventurers and travelers who need a reliable and effective water filtration solution that can keep up with their active lifestyles.

The UV light water treatment is also easy to use and requires minimal maintenance, so you can focus on enjoying your travels without worrying about the safety of your drinking water.

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Great Capacity Of Water Filter For Hiking At 2.25 Gallons For 2-4 People

Our hiking water filter with a 2.5-gallon capacity is the perfect solution for small groups or families who need access to clean drinking water while enjoying the great outdoors. With its advanced filtration technology, this filter effectively removes harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from natural water sources, ensuring that you always have safe and clean drinking water no matter where you are. This filter is designed to be lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry with you on hikes or camping trips.

With its high capacity, this filter provides enough water for 2-4 people, eliminating the need for bulky and heavy water bottles or containers. Whether you're exploring a new trail or setting up camp in the wilderness, our hiking water filter with a 2.5-gallon capacity is a reliable and convenient way to stay hydrated and healthy on the go.

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3 Filters And Easy To Install In The Travel Water Filter

Our travel water filter is incredibly easy to install and use, making it the perfect solution for anyone who needs clean and safe drinking water while on the go. The filter can be powered either by plugging it into a power source or using batteries, providing you with flexibility and convenience. Installing the filter is a breeze, with no special tools or complicated instructions required. Additionally, the three activated carbon filters are easily replaceable, ensuring that you can always maintain optimal filtration performance over time.

The UV filter is located at the bottom of the filter, adding an extra layer of protection against harmful microorganisms. With its user-friendly design and simple installation process, our travel water filter is the ideal solution for travelers, adventurers, and anyone who needs access to clean drinking water in challenging environments.

Long Life Service Of Stainless Steel Travel Water Filter

Our standable stainless steel travel water filter is the perfect choice for those who demand both functionality and style in their outdoor gear. With its sleek and sturdy standable shell, it is not only durable but also corrosion-resistant, ensuring that this filter will provide you with clean drinking water for years to come. The water filter for travel is not only practical but also adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor setting.

The standable design allows for easy placement on any flat surface, providing a stable and sturdy base for the filter to operate from.

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MSA3 air purifier for pet dander

The Best Hiking Water Filter Is Easy to Carry For Multi-application

Our travel water filter (9 x 19.8 inches) is designed with convenience and versatility in mind, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. Whether you're hiking, camping, traveling, or simply need a reliable source of clean drinking water, our filter is up to the task. The compact and lightweight design of the filter makes the hiking water filter easy to carry, and the included dispatchable stand allows for easy access to clean water wherever you go. Despite its small size, our travel water filter boasts strong filtering power, thanks to its combination of activated carbon, UF and UV filters, as well as its UV spigot that effectively protects against harmful microorganisms.

This design is strongly workable for coli in outdoor water source, which might cause your stomachach, our U3 water filter can protect you from it by serving healthy drinking water and water for outside cooking.

With its ease of use and exceptional performance, our travel water filter is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a convenient and reliable source of clean drinking water, no matter where their adventures take them.


Model numberU3
Capacity2.25 Gallons
MaterialSUS304 Stainless Steel
Dimensions Without Stand9 x 19.8 inches
Dimensions With Stand9 x 25.8 inches
Membrane Pore Size1 micron (Activated Carbon) / 0.1 Micron (Hollow Fiber)
Flow Rate0.1L/Min (Filter Element) / 2L/Min (UV Module)
Filter LifespanEach filter can filter up to 3,000 gallons of water
UV Module Working Power12W
UV Module Working Voltage10-24V
UV LightUV wavelength range : 270-280nm / UV Dose: 150mw
UV Lifespan>= 2000 Hours (Accumulated working hours)

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