Original MSA3/MSA3S Series Air Purifier Filter Replacement

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  • Genuine filter for Membrane Solutions MSA3/MSA3S air purifiers
  • H13 True HEPA Filter removes 99.97% of particles, improves air quality, and relieves allergies
  • OdallerPure Technology for superior odor elimination, ideal for homes with pets or smokers
  • High filtration performance for large rooms, bedrooms, and whole house air purifiers
  • Properly sealed with a service life of 6-8 months
  • Safety protection design ensures proper installation and protects the air purifier
  • Unauthorized filters may damage the purifier and lack verified HEPA performance.

Features of MSA3(s) Air Purifier Filter Replacement

hepa air filter replacement
msa3 air purifier filter

MSA3 Air Purifier Filter with OdallerPure Technology for Better Adsorption

  • Adopts OdallerPure technology
  • Filter air within 10 minutes
  • Remove particles as small as 0.3 microns, such as pet dander, smokes, odor, dust, pollen and VOCs.
  • Compatible with Membrane Solutions MSA3 / MSA3S Air Purifier
msa3 air purifier filter

Super High Efficiency of MSA3 Air Purifier Repalcement

Types of Filtration: MSA3 Air Purifier Filter uses a 3-stage filtration design: Pre-Filter, TRUE HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter, which captures hair, pet dander, smoke, dust, odor and VOC. 

Excellent Filtration Performance: MSA3 air purifier filter with a PP electrostatic electret melt-blown filter can filters out 99.97% of particles and PM 2.5.It can apply to various kinds of environments.

msa3 air purifier filter replacement

3-in-1 Filtration Technology of Original Filter Repalcement

  • Stage 1: Pre-filter
  • Stage 2: Activated carbon filter
  • Stage 3: True HEPA filter
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Best Oil Removal Solutions for Kitchen with MSA3(S) Air Purifier Filter Replacement

  • Adopted advanced techology to improve air quality indoor
  • Keep home air fresh
  • Remove oil fume from kitchen efficiently
msa3 air purifier filter replacement

Easy Installation of Membrane Solutions Air Purifier Filter Repalcement

With only 3 simple steps the filter can be replaced easily.

Press both sides of the front panel during installation to lock it inproperly.

Please remove the plastic bag of the filter before using the air purifier.

washable air purifier filters

Notice of MSA3/MSA3S Air Purifier Replacement

  • Compatible with Membrane Solutions MSA3: Under the most strictest quality standard, the air filter is compatible for Membrane Solutions MSA3 true HEPA air purifier. Using a non-original filter will greatly reduce the filter effect.
  • Storage & Use: Filter is firmly sealed to preserve its shelf life. Please remove the plastic bag before placing the filter into the air purifier.
  • Suggested Filter Changing Time: The filter can last at least 6-8 months if this air purifier runs at the highest speed. Meanwhile, the filter's usage time depends on the environmental air quality around you.
MSA3 Air Purifier Filter Replacement.jpg__PID:1f312879-4184-40f8-8b90-8e2ff9292622

Efficiency Filtration of MSA3(s) Air Purifier Filter Replacement

MSA3 Air Purifier Replacement uses an H13 True HEPA PP electrostatic electret melt-blown filter. Filters out 99.97% of particles as small as 0.01 microns and air pollution PM 2.5 (particulate matter). Helps to relieve common allergies like sneezing, coughing, and irritated eyes.


air purifier filter washable.jpg__PID:9e01fada-8414-48bc-9234-c972db478d4e
ModelMSA3 Air Purifier Filter Replacement
Filtration TechnologyTrue HEPA & 3-in-1 with OdallerPure Technology
Noise Level25 - 47 dB
Filter Service Life6-8 months (depending on the usage)
Style1pack / 2pack / 4 pack / 6 pack
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)112 CFM (190 m³/h)
Dimensions13.1 x 7.7 x 21.5 In

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