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MSPure by MEMBRANE SOLUTIONS, with the Iso 9001 and CE certification, and the US FDA certification and NSF certification in 2013, we are the most professional air purifier manufacturer for you!

Types of Our Air Purifiers

HEPA 13 air purifier for office

We make each air purifier in an extremely quiet air purification as low as 21 dB, and in customed size which allows you to choose. This type of machines are compatible to office using with low noise portable size, they are the ideal products to improve our work efficiency.

About Us

Membrane Solutions, founded in 2006 is a world-renowned supplier of membrane filtration products. it is a high-tech enterprise integratingR&D, production and sales.We have the most comprehensive membrane technology in air purification, which covering purification. Membrane Solutions has the most comprehensive membrane making core technology, covering microfiltration membranes,ultrafltration membranes,nanofitiration membranes and RO membranes,and the materials include PES,PVDF, PTFE and Nylon. In terms ofcore technology, Membrane Solutions has independently broken through the microfitration membrane technology, owns the patentedtechnology of independent research and development of filter membrane, independently develops and produces Nylon, PES, PVDF, PTFEand other microporous membranes (membrane pore size is 0.02um-10um), which are widely used in semiconductor,medicine, geneticlaboratory and other fields.

Among them, in the fleld of industry and ultrafiltration product lines,Membrane Solutions independentlydevelops and produces MF/UF/Ro membranes, components and systems; PES/PTFE/PVDF/Nylon filter cartridges, and other filtercartridges and membranes. Applications in the field of laboratory fltiration include chromatographic sample pretreatment,biologicallaboratory filtration, microbial limit detection, etc. in addition, its product line is also widely used in household water purication,alrpurification, outdoor and so on.

Our Strength

24-7 Online Service

Our salesman are online 24 hours all days for you, after you quotation, you will get reply in a minute.

Fast Machining Process

As a professional hepa air purifier supplier, we have the most advanced equippments, 200 workers, and the R&D and production area exceeds 40,000 square meters including 10,000 square meters of sterile andsemiconductor-grade clean area. Each order is usually finished within 7 days.

Fast Delivery Time

Once we have received your order, it will be starting within a couple hours, and be finished within 7 days. And after package, it will approach to your door within 3 days.

Why Choose Our Products?

More healthy

Our air purifiers with HEPA 13 filters are highly strong to clean up all kinds of air pollutants size at 0.03 microns. It can provide you the most healthy air as you were in the jungle.

More possible

As your need, you can design appropriate size of our oem air purifier, so that they are compatible to different occasions, such as house room, doormitory, room with pets, nurse room, or baby room. They will save you more spaces, and realize one machine serve for a whole family.

More conveniency

We also offer you the option to design our air purifiers into smart type, with the tech inside, users can make the air purifier start to work via phone, which can also show the air quality in the real-time.

Application of Air Purifiers

Viruses & Bacteria
Kills all most kinds of viruses, especially like the flus, protect your family from infections.

Filter out remaining secondhand smoke at your home, protect children and olds who are fragile to it.

Spores & pollen
Remove all kinds of airbone spores and pollen that potentially arouse an allergy.

Cleans out floating dust that affect your common breathing. Pet hair Rid off all kinds of pet hairs in the air, avoiding the hair occurs in everywhere.

Clears out all odors in your room, adsorp every odor inside the filters.

What Do Our Customers Say?


All my guests give great feedback of the air purification and water purification, MSPure is defintely the most professional air purifier and water filter manufacturer I have ever met.


I found that my most repeat customers uses MSPure's air purifiers for bedroom, they really did good job in noise decreasing.


MSPure checked all the boxes. I'm satisfied with that they never make a mistake in one shipment of my orders.