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Hottest outdoor water filtration of adventures in 2022

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Drinking water is necessary for short trips and outdoor adventures, but unfortunately, it is bulky and heavy. When it comes to choosing ways to clean water, the options seem endless. However, which method of filtering water is best for you depends on the outdoor scene and water needs. It is important to choose the right filter for outdoor use to Choosing the right way to clean your water can make your trip more pleasant and memorable. Let's take a look at some information about outdoor water filtration. 

why do you need a outdoor water filter?

Choosing the best water filter or purification system is very important. Whether you're hiking or backpacking around the world, chances are you'll need a refill at some point, and no one wants to drink unsafe water. 

Many natural water sources contain microbes that can make you sick. Water Filters remove bacteria and protozoa from these sources, including coliform, giardia and cryptosporidium. These microbes are often found in natural lakes, ponds and streams. These microbes are very small and require specialized filters ( called purifiers ) to remove them. 


Fortunately, there are specialized outdoor water filters to “purify” ( remove microbes) from outdoor water sources. 

What is the best outdoor water filter used by backpackers? 

It depends on your preferences, the quality of the water you need to filter or purify, and the volume based on the number of people in your group. Let's take a look at some of the better water filters on the market today! The most commonly used water filtration systems and water purifiers include:

Portable Gravity Water Filter Straw
  • Straw filters: Simple, light and fast, but does not allow you to fill a bottle and carry. The Portable Gravity Water Filter Straw is an obvious good choice. This type of water filtration is convenient to carry and use. This water filtration system allows you to drink clean water anytime, anywhere. These filters typically use polypropylene depth filtration to remove large particles, activated carbon to remove taste and odor and final filtration to remove microbe. You can get clean water just by hanging it on a tree or some other support and let it filter.


Water Filter Bottle
  • Bottle filters: It is similar in appearance to a regular water bottle, but adds a water filter inside. It is called Water Filter Bottle. Best for daily use, sports, and those beloved outdoor adventures  like biking, camping, hiking, etc. It gives you access to delicious, clean freshwater anytime, anywhere. This bottle filter is leakproof and lightweight. and by replacing the filter with a straw, you can turn it into a sports bottle.


Gravity Water Filter
  • Gravity filters: These water filters take time to use but are good for groups of people who require larger quantities of water. The most commonly used gravity filter is the  Gravity Water Filter Pro 6LWith 6 Liters (almost 2 gallons), it's an ideal solution for a large group. The detachable mouthpiece connects with the common bottle for backwashing, no need for an extra syringe. Light-weighted and easy to carry around with a storage bag, no heavy hassle, fits easily in a backpack, or survival bag.


There's no chance of cross-contamination with a clever water filtration system. The variety of water filters on the market can make it difficult to make a choice, so we recommend three hot water filters in 2022 for you to buy according to your own needs. If you want to read more about outdoor survival solutions, you can subscribe to our website. 

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