Purple Portable Water Filter Bottle

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Membrane Solutions®

Portable Life Straw Water Bottle:
The 650ml filtered water bottle with 4-stage filtration removes at least 99.99999% of coliforms and reduces 99.53960% of turbidity, fully meeting your outdoor and indoor clean water use needs.

Features of Our Product

  • 4-Stage Filtered Water Bottle
    With Sediment Pre-filter, Activated Carbon Fiber, UF Hollow Fiber and PP Cotton, the reusable water bottle with filter can remove 99.99999% coliforms and reduce turbidity.
  • Long Lifespan
    The 650ml filtered water bottle can be refilled over 450 times from any natural water with ease, up to 1500 Liter one year. We recommend replacing the filter every year.
  • Creative Pratical Design
    Portable water filter bottle leak-proof design, portable and durable. With the compass hidden in the lid, you’ll always know your way home. Best for daily use, Sports, camping, biking, hiking, outdoor adventures by lake, muddy, stream, survival and emergency preparedness.
  • Higher Quality Material
    Strong 20 oz water bottle with filter is made of Tritan water bottle and straw, life filter and silicone mouthpiece. Dust-proof and leak-free design, without bad smell, high heat resistance
  • Do not wash the device with soap, bleach or other chemicals.


Filter water bottles hollow fiber membrane filters down to 0.1-micron, with coconut shell GAC filter, which can effectively remove 99.99999% of coliforms, odor, sediment, provide you with clean water, indoors or out

Water Filter Bottle — Pink
Water Filter Bottle — Pink

How To Clean?

Remove filter from cap. Draw clean pre-filtered water into syringe. Connect the syringe outlet to the filter outlet (i.e.,portion connected to cap. press syringe plunger to force the clean filtered water in reverse direction to backflush collected sediments from the hollow fibers.

Pulsing the flow increases effectiveness. Repeat 3-5 times.

How To Store?

After backflushing, shake out residual water and allow to air dry (do not place in oven or microwave), and then store the filter straw in a cool, dry place ( recommend to store in refrigerator).
Interested in this product? Learn more on the user manual.

Water Filter Bottle — Pink

Package Contents:

Pink Water Filter Bottle*1, Carabiner*1, Syringe*1, Silicone Straw*1, User Manual*1, Retail Box*1