how to improve air quality

Can Bad Air Quality Make You Sick Really Bad?

Nowadays, people are prone to get sick from bad habits, and the most serious diseases are cancer and heart attack. The people who got them were told the reasons are irregular diet, while it is just a direct reason, there is another reason you are neglect of, which is the air around you. Bad air quality might be a latent factor in many diseases, cancer and heart attack are two serious diseases. How does bad air quality affect you? This article will show you how does air quality affect our health and the solution to it.


What Does Bad Air Quality Mean?

There is a air standard to measure the air quality, which called AQI. It values at or below 100 are generally thought of as satisfactory. When it goes beyond 100, air quality is unhealthy. In this range, people with heart or lung disease can easily go in danger. 


How Does Air Pollution Cause Lung Cancer

pm 2.5 pollution

Lung cancer caused by environmental factors is gradually spreading to non-smokers. As early as 2014, the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer defined PM2.5 as a class of carcinogens that are as dangerous as tobacco. Among them are not only outdoor smog, and heavy industrial pollution gases, but also volatile organic compounds produced by home improvement, all of which require our extra attention.

how to improve air quality


The Oil Smoke

In recent years, the incidence of lung cancer in women has risen rapidly, especially among women aged 40 to 50, the number of lung cancer patients has approached that of men, reaching a ratio of 1:1. Among non-smoking female lung cancer patients, more than 60% have a long-term history of kitchen fumes exposure. A British study reported that cooking on a stove with a poor ventilation system and extremely low combustion efficiency is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day!

how to improve air quality

Edible oil will mutate at high temperatures. For example, when the temperature of rapeseed oil rises to 60 °C, it will begin to oxidize; at 130 °C, its unsaturated fatty acids will begin to decompose, forming a variety of compounds that may contain carcinogens; at 150 °C, glycerin in it The main component of oil fume is "acrolein", which is irritating to the nose and throat; above 200 ℃, highly toxic substances such as nitrogen oxides will be produced.


Smoke Cause Cancer

There are more than 3,000 kinds of toxic chemicals in the smoke produced by cigarettes, including many carcinogens, as well as phenolic compounds and other cancer-promoting substances. Not only direct smoking will increase the risk of lung cancer, but passive inhalation of second-hand smoke will also increase the risk of lung cancer by 20-30%. Non-smokers are exposed to secondhand smoke, inhaling carcinogens that include the same mainstream smoke as smokers, as well as unfiltered smoke from the combustion of the cigarette itself (sidestream smoke). According to research, air pollution can not only cause lung cancer but also heart disease.

how to improve air quality 


Can Air Pollution Cause Heart Disease?

From 2014 to 2016, a research team conducted a clinical follow-up survey of 73 healthy adults. During the study period, the researchers continuously observed the concentration levels of many air pollutants and the particle size distribution of atmospheric particles, and simultaneously measured the cardiovascular clinical examination indicators, atherosclerotic plaque instability and thrombosis and other biomarkers. and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) functional levels.


How Does Air Pollution Cause Heart Disease?

Research showed that people who are exposed to air pollutants, are prone to get pota atherosclerotic plaque vulnerability and blood pro coagulation. It is manifested by increased secretion of inflammatory factors and growth factors, altered levels of plaque instability markers matrix metalloproteinases and their endogenous inhibitors, platelet activation, and coagulation disorders.


How Does Air Pollution Cause Heart Disease

Studies have revealed that air pollution may promote cardiovascular events by mediating systemic inflammatory responses, increasing atherosclerotic plaque instability and blood pro coagulation. The research team further found that air pollutants may also contribute to atherosclerosis by triggering systemic inflammation and oxidative stress. It also suggests that exposure to air pollution in healthy age groups may increase the likelihood of developing chronic cardiometabolic diseases in the future.



How Can We Improve Indoor Air Quality Naturally?


First you need to know, an air conditioner is not enough, if you are curious the reason, you can check on the blog I wrote: Air purifier vs Air conditioner- can they work together? Put an air purifier machine in your home, and it can improve the air quality naturally. How to improve air quality through a purifier? Here are three factors of it, that can be the reasons we choose it to prevent diseases such as cancer, and heart attack.


High CADR and Absolute Particles Removal

The first and most important factor is the high removal rate (CADR) of both particulate matter (PM2.5) and gaseous harmful substances (TVOC and formaldehyde). At present, most air purifiers on the market have high CADR, 99.99% efficiency of removing certain harmful substances and filtering the air of the whole room once an hour.


Strength in Gaseous Harmful Substances Removal

The second important factor is that HEPA air purifiers can filter gaseous harmful substances well. It’s known that PM2.5 has a serious impact on the health of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems (especially in children and the elderly).


However, the harm of gaseous harmful substances to the human body cannot be ignored. For example, formaldehyde is a carcinogen stipulated by WHO, which is directly related to serious diseases such as leukemia. For particulate matter, it can be filtered out by physical interception.


As long as the air filter screen is replaced regularly, ordinary machines can do it. But for gaseous pollutants, most machines use chemical catalytic oxidative decomposition to decompose these organic compounds into harmless gases, such as carbon dioxide. So when we buy a machine, we must make sure that this machine can not only filter particulate matter (100% of the machines can) but also decompose volatile organic compounds (such as formaldehyde).


Remove Virus-carrying Particles

A third important factor is the ability to trap or kill bacteria or virus-carrying particles. I am not saying that the purifier owns the ability of sterilization. Hepa air purifier can only filter out pollutants, but not kill them. While HEPA filters can effectively filter out 0.3-micron particles (bacteria or particles with viruses) trapped in the filter. This disease cannot kill bacteria or viruses, but as long as you don't touch this filter every day, the possibility of being infected by the bacteria and viruses inside is not high.


HEPA Filter is Suitable for medical standards

The HEPA filter is a filter developed by medical standards. You can imagine that this is the air filter equipment used in various hospitals around the world. So if there is no problem with the use of the hospital, then the problem in ordinary homes should not be big.


Some HEPA filters are coated with a layer of antibacterial agent, and some are added with UVC ultraviolet irradiation lamps, and some strong oxidants such as potassium permanganate are added to the filter material. These methods can effectively kill microorganisms. In the current era of Covid-19 rampant, this will give ordinary people better confidence in multiple protections.


Lung Cancer Air Purifier


MSA3S air purifier

The air purifier is efficient to prevent lung cancer.This air purifier takes 3-in1 HEPA filters, easy to change, and powerful to clear various kinds of pollutants, can filter most particles do harm to your lungs. This air purifier works as a wifi smart air purifier. You can remote control it from work, and get fresh air as you get home. With an air indicator showing the air quality, you can clearly know your home air quality. 

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