Air Purifier vs Air Conditioner- Can They Work Together?

Air Purifier vs Air Conditioner- Can They Work Together?

Although air purifiers and air conditioners have similar functions, such as fans, filters, and vents, they serve very different purposes. Air conditioners allow you to cool the air in your home and maintain a certain temperature inside. Air purifiers can improve indoor air quality, but they cannot regulate the temperature of your home.

Is Air Purifier Same as Air Conditioner?

Unlike air conditioners, air purifiers are designed to run continuously. This allows them to regularly change the air in the room, removing contaminants as they pass through the filter. Whether your air purifier's filter can remove particulates, gaseous pollutants, or both depends on the type of filter you choose.


Is Air Purifier Same as Air Conditioner

Room air purifier for allergies may also uses HEPA filter to capture particulate pollution in the air, such as some HVAC systems. However, they may be ineffective against gaseous pollutants. Carbon filters are another common technology used in air purifiers, and they can have the opposite result. Filter systems can trap harmful gases, but they cannot trap fine particles.

Difference Between Air Conditioner and Air Purifier



Air Purifier

Air Conditioner


Cleans indoor air by removing airborne contaminants, allergens, germs, smoke, and odors

Cools indoor temperature and helps reduce humidity


Improves overall air quality and leads to better health for everyone. However, they can powerfully help asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Create a comfortable indoor environment with low air purification. Ideal for people with respiratory problems who cannot cope with high humidity levels.

Removes or Reduces

Dust, Allergens, Smoke, Mold Spores, Bacteria, Pet Dander, and some Viruses

Temperature, and Humidity

Does Air Conditioner Purify Air?

Does AC purify air? Incorrect. Air conditioners cannot and cannot purify the air. Air filters located near the return duct or air handler can filter out dust, pollen, and other allergens. But it's a misconception to think that the air filter is part of the air conditioner itself, rather than the entire HVAC system. Air filters with higher MERV ratings are better able to filter particles and filter finer particles than lower MERV ratings. Yes, air filter selection is important - but no, condensing units by themselves do not clean indoor air.

Can AC Act as Air Purifier?

Since some air conditioners have filters inside. Is an air purifier still needed?

With the continuous development and improvement of air-conditioning technology, there are more and more air conditioners with fresh air, and some air conditioners also come with a filter system and come with a high-efficiency filter. What about a purifier or a sanitizer?

There are certain hidden dangers in the use of air conditioners

Here we will talk about the hidden dangers of using air conditioners. Because when we use the air conditioner, we usually close the indoor doors and windows tightly, and using the air conditioner for a long time will lead to poor indoor ventilation, and during the long-term cooling process of the air conditioner, the internal filter of the air conditioner will be very humid, which is easy to breed. Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, etc.

At this time, the function of the air purifier or sterilizer will be reflected, because the air purifier uses a multi-layer high-efficiency filter, which can progressively filter out various sizes of microorganisms and dust and other objects in the air. Moreover, the ultraviolet and other technologies in the air disinfection machine can also inactivate and kill viruses and bacteria, and the effect of air disinfection and purification is very obvious.

Do Air Purifiers Cool the Room?

While air purifiers aren't specifically designed to cool a room, they can have this effect due to the large amount of airflow they produce. Since that's not their primary purpose, air purifiers shouldn't be expected to cool rooms that really need an indoor fan or air conditioner to do this more efficiently.

Can I Use Air Purifier with Air Conditioner?

The answer to this question is you'd better do so. That's because air conditioners don't purify the air. When people hear about HVAC filters, they tend to think that their air conditioner is purifying the air they breathe. Technically, this is incorrect. A filter attached to an air conditioner serves a very important purpose, but it only removes particulates from the air. A top-of-the-line filter will do a better job, but no residential filter will purify the air by itself. So air purifier and air conditioner are great matching partners.


Air Conditioner and Purifier Work Well Together

Therefore, air conditioners, air purifiers, and sterilizers can be used at the same time, so that while maintaining the indoor temperature, it can also sterilize and purify indoor air.

However, it should be noted that air sterilizers and air conditioners do not have the function of producing oxygen, and some sterilizers will also generate ozone during operation, so it is necessary to open windows regularly every day for ventilation, so that it can be well Ensure indoor air circulation.


An air purifier won't keep a room cool, unless it's running at a high fan speed, it won't provide the required airflow, or even provide cooling by circulating the air. For true cooling, an air conditioner or fan should be considered. Both of them have their features that improve room air quality, it is better to use them at the same time. If you have more questions about air purifier, you are welcome to visit Membrane Solutions, contact at anytime.

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