1812-2012 RO Housing Shell - Housing Wrench Fitting Set for 24-150 GPD

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Standard Size
With a standard 12.5" X 2.8" size, the membrane housing fits RO Membrane with 2.0" X 12" size and below, compatible with various GPD including 24/ 36/ 50/ 75/ 100/ 150/ 400 GPD, works for any other 1812 and 2012 RO membranes.

Easy Installation
The Package comes with all tools needed for installation, including one 1812/2012 RO Membrane Housing, Wrench, Check Valve and two 1/4" Fittings. Friendly design and easy to install.

Reliable and Quality Tested Membrane Solutions membrane housing has been tested with multiple high-pressure tests(500PSI Burst Pressure Test)Durable, safe and reliable. We have a professional support team always at your service.

4 Steps to Assemble RO Housing Shell

RO housing shell assemble

Overview of RO Membrane

RO Membrane