3012 Coconut Shell for Universal 2812-3012

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Membrane Solutions®
  • The Membrane Solutions RO Membrane Housings are made from high-quality, Fit any standard size membranes that measure 3" x 12" (200, 300, 400 GPD).
  • The Reverse Osmosis Membrane Housing's ripped cap and housing are one-piece injection molding, with no solvents or glues, meaning they are extra strong and chemically resistant.


The ribbed cap incorporates acme square threads and o-rings to ensure a leak-proof seal.

The thicker bowl increases the compressive capacity and explosion-proof strength, perfect work with reverse osmosis membrane filters to produce pure water and concentrated maple sap.

Package Includes: 1 RO membrane housing 3012, 1 Wrench, 1 Check Valve, 2 Fittings of size 1/4". 

membrane housing shell
membrane housing shell