MSPure B2B cooperation

OEM/ODM Process

With high quality manufacturing facilities and Professional R&D team, we can make all efforts to meet your OEM/ODM. Any question, please contact us(phone:1-866-528-4572,mail:

Become A Wholesaler

  • Register on the website: The registration link is located in the top navigation bar of the website. Click the registration link to open the registration page.
  • Provide registration information: Fill in the necessary information on the registration page, such as name, email address, contact number, company name, etc. Ensure that accurate information is provided and fill in the respective fields as instructed.
  • Submit the registration form: After completing the registration information, click the submit or register button to send the form for processing by the server.
  • Review customer qualifications: Sales personnel will review the registration information provided by you and may contact you for further communication to verify your qualifications. This may involve providing company proof documents, business licenses, etc. Once the verification is approved, you will receive a notification and obtain a B2B online account.
  • Place orders directly online or contact sales personnel to create an order: Once you have the B2B online account, you can choose to place orders directly online. Browse the product catalog, add selected products to the shopping cart, and fill in the order details. If you prefer to contact sales personnel to create an order, you can use the online contact form or call the phone number provided by the sales personnel.
  • Send invoices to the customer's email: After placing an order or contacting sales personnel to create an order, once the order details are confirmed, sales personnel will generate an invoice and send it to the email address you provided.
  • Make payment via bank transfer: Bank transfer is recommended as the preferred payment method. The invoice will provide bank account information where you can transfer the order amount. Ensure that you provide the correct payment reference and order number during the payment process.
  • Product delivery: Once you have completed the payment, the sales team will arrange for the delivery of the products. Depending on your preference, if you choose self-pickup, you can go to the designated pickup location to collect the products. If you choose door-to-door delivery, the sales team will discuss appropriate delivery methods and arrangements with you.
  • Please note that based on the information provided, the minimum order amount is $5000 USD, and shipping costs need to be separately calculated by contacting the sales personnel. When placing orders offline, please pay attention to these requirements and confirm the detailed shipping costs when contacting the sales personnel.
  • become a distributor

Benefits and Services to Our Distributors

To ensure our distributors achieve success, Membrane Solutions offers the following benefits and services to our distributors:

  • Affiliation with a well-respected membrane & Filtration company whose solidly developed & Manufactured Products meet the high standards of validity and reliability.
  • Extremely attractive discount policy. 50-60% profit margin comparing with market price.
  • Training, networking and recognition events.
  • Great flexibility & OEM capacity.
  • Quick product development at reasonable cost.Monthly, quarterly and annual promotions
  • Premium support providing unlimited technical assistance.
  • Distributor email newsletter for information updates.
  • No charge for reasonable quantities of product brochures and other marketing materials.
  • Free shipping on "distributor recognition" programs In order to provide the best service to end users, as well as speed up the fast growth of both membrane Solutions and our distributors, we ensure Distributor has reasonable opportunity for reward and to have a profitable relationship with Membrane Solutions.

On the other hand, the distributor must have certain abilities and commitments:

  • Achieve sales and support objectives within the authorized territory
  • Have the ability to provide local customer service and basic technical support services