why is my air purifier making noise so loud

Why Is My Air Purifier Making Noise So Loud: Causes and Solutions

It's no secret that air purifiers can be lifesavers when it comes to keeping your home free of allergens and pollutants. However, are you struggling to sleep through the night because of your noisy air purifier? Some air purifiers can make such a racket that they actually end up disrupting your sleep instead of improving it. In this article, we'll take a closer look at why is my air purifier making noise so loud? and most importantly, what you can do to fix the problem. So, if you're tired of your air purifier making noise, keep reading!

Air Purifier Making Noise Types

When we delve into why is my air purifier making noise so loud, it would be prudent to conduct a thorough analysis of the specific type of noise that your air purifier is making. By taking the time to evaluate the nature and characteristics of the sound carefully, we can gain a clearer understanding of the root of the issue and develop a more targeted and effective approach to resolving it. Below are some common types of noise that air purifiers can produce, as we have summarized for your reference:

1. Air Purifier Making White Noise

This is a constant, steady sound that is produced by the air purifier's fan.

2. Air Purifier Making High Pitched Noise

This type of noise is typically caused by the air purifier's fan or motor. It may indicate that the fan blades are rubbing against another component, such as the housing or filter. Alternatively, it could be caused by a malfunctioning motor or bearing.

3. Air Purifier Making Static Noise

A static noise from an air purifier is often caused by a dirty or clogged filter. When air is unable to pass through the filter easily, it can create a static or crackling sound. Another possible cause of static noise is an issue with the air purifier's electrical wiring or power source.

4. Air Purifier Making Rattling Noise

A rattling sound can indicate that something inside the air purifier is loose or not properly secured.

5. Whistling or Squeaking Noise

This type of noise can be caused by a loose or damaged component in the air purifier, such as a fan blade or bearing.

6. Clicking or Buzzing Noise

This type of noise can be caused by electrical issues within the air purifier, such as a faulty motor or capacitor.

7. Hissing Noise

This can occur when air is escaping from a leak in the air purifier's filter or other components.

Why Is My Air Purifier Making Noise?

The reason of why is my air purifier making noise so loud can be caused by two main categories: normal noise and trouble noise. The first category includes the sounds produced by the device's motor, fan, or air moving through the filters, while the latter category encompasses any unusual sounds that may arise due to issues with the device's components or mechanics, which can be concluded as follows:

Normal Noise - Fan Motor, Electronic Components, Vibration, Fan Speed Setting

1. Fan motor:

The fan motor is responsible for circulating the air through the purifier and pushing it out into the room. This motor can produce noise as it operates.

2. Electronic components:

Some air purifiers have electronic components, such as circuit boards, that can produce a low humming noise.

3. Vibration:

Air purifiers can vibrate as the fan motor and other components operate, which can produce additional noise.

4. Fan speed setting:

If the fan speed is set too high, it can cause the air purifier to make more noise. Try adjusting the fan speed to a lower setting.

Trouble noise - Blocked airflow, Mechanical issues

why is my air purifier making noise

5. Blocked airflow:

If the air purifier's airflow is blocked, it can cause the motor to work harder and make more noise:

  • The most common reason is that the filter has not been replaced in time. Most air purifiers rely on the filter to absorb pollutants in the air. Long-term use will inevitably lead to excessive dirt on the filter. After a long time of use, dirt will clog the filter, increase wind resistance, and increase noise.
  • Foreign objects fall into the air cleaner and cause blockage. This includes pieces of paper, small parts, and even bugs that can interfere with the flow of the air purifier and cause it to make a loud noise.
  • The fan blades inside the air purifier can accumulate dust or debris over time, causing them to become unbalanced and create more noise.

6. Mechanical issues:

If the air purifier has a mechanical issue, such as a faulty motor or fan, it can cause noise. In this case, you may need to contact the manufacturer for repairs or replacement:

  • Damaged components.
  • The installation and fixation of the motor wind wheel are not good, the connection of internal components is not firm, etc.

How to Stop Air Purifier from Making Noise?

Based on the information we presented earlier regarding why is my air purifier making noise so loud, there are several simple measures that you can take on your own to alleviate the issue. However, if these measures prove to be ineffective, it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional air purifier manufacturer or maintenance personnel to ensure the problem is resolved efficiently and effectively.

1. Replace the Filter to Stop Air Purifier from Making Noise

If your air purifier has not changed the filter for a long time, please check your air filter and replace it with a new filter if it is dirty.

2. Check to See if Any Foreign Objects Have Fallen into the Air Purifier to Stop Air Purifier from Making Noise

You can open the back cover of the air purifier to see if there are any foreign objects falling into the air purifier and just take them out.

3. Reduce the Fan Speed Setting to Stop Air Purifier from Making Noise

If your current fan speed setting is high, you can lower the fan speed setting of the air purifier. If your current air purifier doesn't meet the needs of your space, you can replace it with an air purifier suitable for a larger space. About how to choose the right size of air purifier for your room, you can refer to: How to Choose Correct Sizes of Air Purifier to Different Rooms?

4. Check the Fan Blades to Stop Air Purifier from Making Noise

Check the blades and if needed, clean them with a soft brush or cloth.

5. Move the Air Purifier to Stop Air Purifier from Making Noise

Sometimes, the placement of the air purifier can contribute to noise levels. Try moving it to a different location, away from walls or other objects that may obstruct the airflow.

If your air purifier continues to make noise even after attempting the simple solutions, it may be necessary to seek the assistance of a professional repairer. Choosing a reliable brand with good customer service can also prevent this issue altogether. Their expertise and support can ensure that your air purifier runs smoothly and quietly.

why is my air purifier so loud

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how to stop air purifier from making noise

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