Will a Large Air Purifier Work in a Small Room

How to Choose Correct Sizes of Air Purifier to Different Rooms?

We have been used to stay in a same room for long time, it is best to make the air quality always at a good level. While types of air purifier are various in the marketing, each has its special using way. Especially on the size, which is a troublesome question, what size of air purifier suit me? Will a small air purifier work in a large room? Or can an air purifier be too big for a room? First it is good to think that way, you need to get it on your mind that getting the right size air purifier is important, because it ensures that the unit will work most effectively inside a room.

The worst thing you do is to purchase an under-power air purifier for your room, and it does not work well even at cleaning the air around you. While you are unaware of that you are breathing unhealthy air with it running. So you should read this article to know a correct size if air purification in your rooms.

Will a Large Air Purifier Work in a Small Room?

Yes, absolutely. If you don’t mind some large room air purifiers takes up much space in your room, it’s totally okay to put it there. You might thought it will waste energy for it works for large room. Actually, the tags of ‘large room’ on it only means its highest working limitation. It can work well under the limitation at sizes of the room.

Will a Large Air Purifier Work in a Small Room

Technically, an air purifier can be too big for a room. But referring to the air purification efficiency, it is accountable. If you use it correctly, it will just perform as well as in a small room. Without unecessary filter replacement cost or energy fee.

While if you are only looking for an air purifier for a small bedroom or an office, then it’s better not choosing a device in a maximum of 3,500 square feet. You should focus on the silence working mode more.

Because when you are in sleep, or working, a slice of a sound can affect you, a large air machine can’t promise it would not give out sound. And what’s worse, it takes up much room, so it’s not a good choice.

So, it makes more sense to get an air purifier for a room size that is properly sized for your application.

For example, rooms measures at 150 square feet, then get an air purifier that indicates a square footage rating that is equal to or just above this number.

An air purifier with a 200 or 250 square feet rating would be similar in working rate as a unit that measures 150 square feet exactly for that size space.

For large rooms, we suggest that you visit our our large room air purifier reviews page to see what the top models are available.

Can You Use a Small Air Purifier in a Large Room?

It’s better not, you will have to spend much more power in it. To produce same amount of pure air as to a normal size to your room, it takes more time and power. And what’s worse, the air can not be ideally pure as it should be.

Can You Use a Small Air Purifier in a Large Room

If you are out of saving money to buy an air purifier machine that can only purify a room up to 80 square feet. And that would be a waste of your investment, because it won’t work well at large room air purification.

While for people who are really rich, live in a castle-like room, and your each room reaches at 5,000 square feet, then you might not able to find a proper product fits it. That’s when you will need to make a compromise.

Instead of purifying your house with one device, it makes more sense to break your home up into small square footage sections and find a device that will work well for each size.

For example, if each level measures 1,500 square feet in a 3 level home, try getting an air purifier that is sized to purify 1,500 square feet.

What is the Best Large Room Air Purifier?

To choose the best large room air purifier, you need to focus on these points.

  • First, Large room work efficiency.

For an air purifier for large room, the coverage should at least be around 840 ft²/hour. And the most standard core of air purifier is a HEPA filter. To judge if it is a qualified air purifier, first check if it is equipped with HEPA filters. The higher efficient it is, the more stations of filter it has. For an air purifier for large room is that, the capture ability should be among 0.3 microns of particle. 

What's more, proper placing can also affect the work performance. There are more ways to enhace the efficiency of air purifier.

  • Second, power saving.

A power saving air purifier is better to have a air quality indicator, then you can know when it’s working, when it’s done. Working rate should be below 44 Watts.

  • Third, proper outfit size.

The easiest way to determine the right size of the air purifier for your room is to use the following formula: CADR x 1.55 = Square footage of your room. Follow this formula, you'll get the fastest air purification results for your room. Each unit has 3 CADR values: pollen, smoke, and dust.

Table to Tell You How to Choose the Right Air Purifier

Items Rooms Below 500 ft² Rooms Beyond 500 ft²
Room Types Bedroom/Office Living room/Kitchen/Basement
Recommending Air Purifiers MSB3/MS50/MS120 MS18/MSA3/MSA3S/MS600
CADR 70 CFM 112*353 CFM
Noise Generated 20-40 dB 20-50 dB

Recommending Air purifier for Large Room

how to choose correct sizes of air purifier to different rooms

MS600 Air Purifier - An air purifier for large room range under 840 ft². With efficient working power, it  can cover most pollutants below 0.03 microns in your room.