why does fresh air make you tired

Why Does Fresh Air Make You Tired?

Fresh air is an essential part of our life, it supplies our daily energy, and help us recovery from daily tiredness, while you might sometimes find yourself easily getting tired, and wonder why does fresh air make you sleepy. Keep on reading this article you will find out how to deal with it.

 why does fresh air make you tired

Does Fresh Air Make You Tired?

Yes, fresh air does make you tired, but it actually affects you in a good way. To some extent, by staying in fresh air your body will relax. The fresh air makes you get in a comfortable zone, where you might easily get sleepy or tired.  It will provide a boost to your health, and increases the amount of oxygen in your body which supports white blood cells to function more efficiently. This helps to strengthen the immune system to fight off bacteria and illness more effectively.

Why Does Fresh Air Make You Sleepy?

When people are in a great environment that is full of fresh air, they are inclined to get asleep. Fresh air has a cooling effect, and we know a cool bedroom environment is a key to a good night's sleep. This is especially true if you're returning from a hot day outside. When it comes to drifting off into dreamland, our brains prefer to do it in cooler climates. So we are prone to get sleepy in an environment with fresh air.

why does fresh air make you tired

Your body temperature naturally drops at night, and this drop is one of the cues that tell your body it’s time to sleep. So, if fresh air can help lower your body temperature, it can also help signal to your body that it’s time to sleep.

Advantages of Fresh Air

Fresh air does good for us to do metabolism, it’s an important part of our life. Even Our brains perform better in an environment with fresh air. And our brains stay active for a long time at night, they need more fresh air. What are the else advantages of fresh air? As following:

  • Fresh air promotes healthy blood circulation;
  • Strengthen the physique and energize the body;
  • Pure air soothes the nerves - calms and calms the mind;
  • Stimulates appetite and helps food to be digested more completely;
  • The fresh air in the room makes you have a more peaceful and good sleep.

According to statistics, an adult breathes an average of 10-15 times per minute, and needs 0.5 liters of air each time. According to people's life expectancy of 80 years, a person needs to breathe about 300,000 cubic meters of air in his life, and the air enters the human body Finally, it will enter the alveoli with a surface area of 70 square meters, and then enter various parts of the body through human circulation and physical diffusion.

However, 24 hours a day, 8 hours or 8-10 hours of work, a maximum of 2 hours on the way to work, about 8 hours of sleep per day, and 1-2 hours of outdoor walking, then calculate each person, basically spend 20 hours a day indoors. Since indoor air is very important, and outdoor air is commonly polluted, how to get fresh air at home without opening windows? You can get something you want with the following articles.

How to Get Fresh Air in Home without Opening Windows?

Office workers struggle in the office during the day, and it is very important to have a good rest at night. Then the fresh air environment in the bedroom is particularly important, which can help you easily get asleep. A small plant can help you get fresh air and improve sleep. So what plants are best for a bedroom? Here are some recommended plants that are suitable for keeping in the bedroom. These plants will not only improve the living environment, but also help sleep



Planting Method


Calm the tension, make the body and mind happy, put it in the bedroom, let you have a good night's sleep

Put the mint branches in a glass bottle filled with water and put them in a sunny place (not exposed to the sun)

Aloe Vera

Absorbs indoor carbon dioxide, and can also purify formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, etc.

Aloe vera does not need to be fertilized. After planting aloe vera in the early stage, put the flower pot on the balcony, and leave the rest alone. Water once a week


Can make people relax, soothe the soul, relieve stress, put it in the bedroom to give you a good sleep

Lavender is a plant that likes the sun. It grows vigorously and well in sunny conditions, but it is most afraid of stuffy heat, so ventilation should be good

Christmas Kale

Relieve indoor dryness, play a humidification effect, and purify the air at night

Christmas cabbage should be maintained in a semi-shady environment, but it cannot be maintained for a long time. If conditions do not permit, it needs to be moved frequently and placed in a well-lit place for maintenance.


A natural sleep helper, put a pot in the bedroom, the aroma of jasmine helps to improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, and improve mood

Jasmine likes hot, humid, ventilated and ventilated environment, and needs sufficient light

African Jasmine

It has a significant bactericidal effect and can continuously release fresh oxygen at night. Putting it in the bedroom can make people relax and let you sleep soundly

African jasmine likes an environment with high humidity, so in summer, you should spray water on the leaves while watering, and pay attention to the well-ventilated environment to avoid the air being too dry and affecting its growth


Above are the plants that can produce oxygen to help you sleep, while that’s not enough to get fresh air, air pollutants are still possibly get in your room, how can you handle this? And when it’s getting cold, plant could slowly generate fresh air, how to get fresh air in house in winter? What you need is just an air purifier for bedroom, it can help you to get fresh air in house without opening windows.

How to Get Fresh Air in House with an Air Purifier for Bedroom?


The good air purifier for bedroom can help you improve mood, reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve concentration. With a HEPA filter inside, it can filter out all types of particles that contaminated the air. The HEPA filter is able to filter out particles at 0.3 microns, if you are troubled with pet hair floating, allergies or dust pollution this can help you with them. For surgical patients, the bedroom air purifiers are also good for health recovery.

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