Should I Sleep with Air Purifier On?

Should I Sleep with Air Purifier On?

Many people are used to sleep with window closed, and that makes a bad air environment, an air purifier is a good choice for your bedroom, while you might be curious about ‘’Can I sleep with air purifier on?’’ The answer is absolutely yes. And this article will tell you reasons why you need to do so.


What is Sleep Mode on Air Purifier?

Every air purifier owner knows there is an air purifier sleep mode. While how does it work? The machines generally adjust the working noise by modify the CADR. And the CADR of sleep mode determine if it suits for a bedroom.


Many people are used to turning on the automatic gear for a long-running in bedroom, allowing the air purifier to automatically adjust the wind speed and gear position according to changes in the surrounding air quality, which saves worries. In fact, the sleep gear is most commonly  choice.


The noise produced by the air purifier is the smallest, and so is the CADR value, while it does suits for your sleep the most. According to the applicable area calculation formula S=(0.07~0.12)Q (Q refers to CADR) stipulated in the new national standard of air purifiers, it can be known that the lower the CADR value, the smaller the applicable area.  Commonly, when at sleep mode, a bedroom air purifier can suit for room size from 50 ft² to 112 ft². If you find the air purification is not as well as thought, you might check if it is put in the right room."


Is It Safe to Sleep with Air Purifier On?

Before answering this question, it is necessary to understand how much the quality of air affects sleep. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, 68% of human diseases are caused by air pollution. When a person is sleeping, the immune system is at its lowest state. At this time, viruses, bacteria and harmful substances are more likely to sneak in, invade and harm the human body. In addition, a study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that air pollutants can stimulate the central nervous system and cause upper respiratory tract infections, thereby exacerbating sleep-disordered breathing, causing apnea and hypoxia. This is particularly the case in summer when pollution is severe.


Is It Safe to Sleep with Air Purifier On

Now let’s answer the question “Can you sleep with an air purifier on?” Yes, The air purifier is perfectly for your sleep, it can not only purify various pollutants in the indoor air, including PM2.5, formaldehyde, virus, bacteria, and create a safe environment for you, but also simulate the natural environment to a certain extent, by purifying the indoor air, release Negative ions promote the coordination between people and the living room, so that people can get a good sleep in a suitable environment."


Benefits of Sleeping with Air Purifier

Will an air purifier help me sleep? Air purifier can benefit your sleep way more than you thought.


Air Purifier protects your immune system.

According to research, our immune systems are too fragile to against germs, bacterias, or other tiny harmful materials. They can invade into our bodies through air, and affect our health. And this is where an air purifier can work for us.

Especially for people who have the habit of closing doors and windows during sleep. A closed room is a perfect birthroom for some harmful germs. The harmful substances that are constantly emitted cannot be diffused in time and fully, and then they are inhaled into the mouth and nose by the human body, causing various uncomfortable reactions in the body, and even causing serious disease. An HEPA air purifier with a HEPA filter can powerfully clear them out.


Air Purifier Fresh Air in different seasons

Whether in summer or winter, people like to sleep with the air conditioner on. While air conditioners that have been used for too long are more likely to generate a large number of pathogenic bacterial, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus, and Legionella in the filter. According to the statistics of relevant experts, in an air-conditioned room, after 5 to 6 hours, the indoor oxygen will drop by 13.2%, E. These bacteria are sent to the bedroom by the wind of the air conditioner, which will cause various discomfort reactions in the body of people in a low immune state during sleep. An air purifier can clear all the pollutants in different temperatures, make you always in a fresh air environment.


Air Purifier Can Clear Out Formaldehyde

Air pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene series in the new house are constantly volatilized all the year round. In the air that does not circulate at night, its concentration is often much higher than when the windows are opened for ventilation during the day, which will also cause more serious damage to human health. harm. Therefore, if possible, use an air purifier in the bedroom, and it is recommended to turn on the air purifier at night. The air purifier is placed in the bedroom to work. It can rely on its strong adsorption capacity to suck harmful pollutants in the air into the body, filter and purify through the filter, and release clean and healthy air, thereby ensuring the user's sleep. time for respiratory health. Respiratory health is guaranteed, and sleep better with air purifiers."


Sleeping with Air Purifier Generates Less Noise

Actually you should keep the air purifier on as long as family is at home. But when sleeping at night, the air purifier is more necessary, most would place it at the end of the bed, so it can not only effectively purify the indoor air, but also reduce the impact of noise on sleep. 


Choose a quiet air purifier for bedroom, and you don’t need to worry about the noise, Air purifiers all have sleep gears. The noise of most air purifiers’ sleep gears is around 30db, and the sound below 35db is equivalent to the sound we hear when we are quiet at night, and it hardly affects our rest. It can be classified according to the hearing of ordinary people:

  • 0 ~ 20 decibels very quiet, almost imperceptible;
  • 20 ~ 40 decibels quiet, like whispering;
  • 40 ~ 60 decibels for general indoor conversation;
  • 60 ~ 70 decibels Noisy and damaging to nerves;


Sleep Better with Air Purifier

Air purifier for bedroom at MSPure has a better performance on this, when is at sleep mode, the noise will get at as low as 21 dB. While with a great 3 stage HEPA filtration, it does have a powerful strength to work for your night sleep.

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