How Much Electricity Does an Air Purifier Use? And How to Save It?

How Much Electricity Does an Air Purifier Use

Do air purifiers use a lot of electricity? Actually, no, air purifiers don’t consume much electricity, you can count on an air purifier for  24-hour air purification at home, it only needs a little power to run, but how much electricity does an air purifier use exactly is that in number? After reading this, you will know clearly how much it costs to run an air purifier.

Do I Have to Keep an Air Purifier Working?

In a room, if you often do not open the window, it is best to turn on the air purifier 24 hours a day. Its power is very small, and it will not cost much electricity a day. If the place you live in has serious environmental pollution, the air quality will be relatively poor, so whether you close the windows or open the windows, you can turn on the purifier. Keeping it on can keep the quality of indoor air. Of course, it will speed up the replacement frequency of the air purifier filter, which will bring some electricity costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Run an Air Purifier?

How much electricity does an air purifier use exactly? Here’s the formula to solve the most curious problem how much electricity an air purifier consumes. And after then we can know how much money you need to spend on air purification for your family.

The formula for calculating electricity consumption is simple and is as follows: (Wattage X kWh cost X time (hours)) = (Wattage X kWh cost X time (hours)) / 1000

Now the most concerning thing - money, how much will an air purifier cost you every day? To make it clear I will make two calculations of two different sizes of air purifiers below. First, let’s see the consumption of a large room air purifier

Table of Air Purifier Energy Cost

Types of air purifiers Working Rate Power Consuming
Large room air purifier  15-100 watts 0.36-2.4 kWh
Small room air purifier 10-24 watts 0.24-0.576 kWh

How Much Electricity Does a Large Room Air Purifier Consume?

Large room air purifiers use the most electricity. They can cover 400-1500 sq ft rooms. Let’s have a look at the #2 best large room air purifier – the MSA3 air purifier for pet odors.


This is a large room air purifier with a 1500 sq ft recommended coverage area and an extremely high 450 CADR rating. At low fan speed, it is powered by 15 watts. At high fan speed, it needs 100 watts to run.

Here’s the calculation of electricity consumption(according to the American Electricity fee):

  • Least cost: 0.36 kWh * 0.162$=0.05832$
  • Most cost: 2.4 kWh * 0.162$=0.388$

The large room air purifier only costs less than 40 cents a day. The air purifier for a large room won’t work all the time, it can detect bad air quality, and only works when you need it to be on.

How Much Electricity Does a Small Room Ar Purifier Consume?

Small room air purifiers are the least expensive to run.

Example: Let’s take one of our most popular MSB5 desktop air purifiers. It has a recommended coverage area of 215 Ft² / 20 M²and it runs on 4.5 Watts.

Here’s the calculation of electricity cost(according to the American Electricity fee):

  • Least cost: 0.24 kWh * 0.162$=0.0388$
  • Most cost: 0.576 kWh * 0.162$=0.093312$

So that is to say your power cost on a small room air purifier is less than 10 cents a day.

6 Tips for Air Purifier Use to Save Power   

1、Placement of air purifiers

The correct placement of the air purifier can better promote the rapid circulation of indoor air, thereby improving the indoor air quality. Don't place the air purifier close to the wall, and don't put the air outlet facing the wall.

2、close the windows and doors

Air purifiers are generally used in a relatively closed environment. Closing doors and windows can reduce outdoor pollutants from entering the room and ensure good indoor air quality.

3、Regularly replace the filter

The filter is the core of the air purifier. After a long time of use, a lot of dust and bacteria will adhere to the filter, which will reduce the efficiency of the filter. Regular replacement of the filter can maintain the purification performance of the air purifier, which can save more electricity.

4、Skillfully use the maximum air volume gear

The air purifier has the best purification effect under the maximum wind speed, although it also consumes the most energy. At the beginning of the start-up, you can turn on the maximum wind speed of the air purifier keep it for 30-60 minutes, and wait for the indoor pollutants to drop to a good level. Then turn on the small and medium gear of the air purifier to maintain the indoor air quality. Of course, if the air purifier has automatic gear adjustment, the efficiency of air purification will be higher and the energy consumption ratio will be higher. 

5、Focus on outdoor air quality

As long as the pollutants come from the outside, it is possible to save energy by opening doors and windows for ventilation and adjusting the air volume of the air purifier according to the outdoor air quality.

6、Choose an air purifier according to the environment

When purchasing an air purifier, you can choose the most suitable product according to the actual size of the space to be used, combined with the main parameters of the air purifier, the amount of particulate matter, and clean air.

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