Leading Air Purifier Manufacturer in US

Product Examples

Air Purifier

1.Largest product variety on the market

2.Most powerful filter with unique OdallerPure Technology

 3.Quiet working process with low noise(lowest at 21 dB in standard working operation)

 4.3-in-1 filtration with prefilter, H13 filter and acitvated carbon filter

Water Filter

1.Alkaline Water filter for sink and countertop

2.Powerful 5-6stages of the Reverse Osmosis Filter System

3.Easy options to change filter element

4.Tankless design to save more space

About Us

Membrane Solutions, founded in 2006 is a world-renowned supplier of membrane filtration products. it is a high-tech enterprise integratingR&D, production and sales.it is committed to providing various products and solutions in the process of fltration, separation and purification. Membrane Solutions is a premier high-tech healthy and environmental friendly air purifier and water filter manufacturer, we have over 200 staffs in our team, including factory labors, and a professional research team on air and water filtration. We have many products for options, water dispenser, hydroen water mchine, air purifier, hydrogen inhaler and so on. Over more than 16 years’ manufacturing experience, with an integrated research and development program. Our activities include research, development, injection, assembling, sales and after sales.

We are a pure source of quality solution of water purifiers, air purifier, hydrogen water maker and other health care products. We provide our customers with Professional OEM and ODM services, and MSPure is one of America’s top 5 largest OEM purification products factories. We sell to over 20 countries and key markets and annual turnover is over $100 million.

Why Choose Us?

High Level Membrane Tech

We have been indulging in air and water filtering all the time, our air purifier and water filter takes our membrane tech, which can both filter 99.99% pollutants in air and water.

The Most Professional and Experienced

Our research team is combined with over 200 staffs, and we have been indulging in filtering improving and manufacturing for 16 years, you can put 100% faith in us!

Fast Shipment

Once after you ordered on our site, your order is operated in a couple hours, and after 1-2 days(which is up to the amount you ordered), the shipment will be approaching to you within 3 days.


Air Purifier

Viruses & Bacteria
Kills all most kinds of viruses, especially like the flus, protect your family from infections.

Filter out remaining secondhand smoke at your home, protect children and olds who are fragile to it.

Spores & pollen
Remove all kinds of airbone spores and pollen that potentially arouse an allergy.

Cleans out floating dust that affect your common breathing.

Pet hair
Rid off all kinds of pet hairs in the air, avoiding the hair occurs in everywhere.

Clears out all odors in your room, adsorp every odor inside the filters.

Water Filter

1.Provides clear water in kitchen, get rid off all types of water pollutants

2.Eliminates alkaline and rid off pollutants affect health, keeps your family drinking water safe.