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Why Choose Filtered Water Than Tap Water?

The tap water we commonly use will have slightly different treatment methods due to different urban water sources, but it can be roughly divided into 4 main steps: pre-precipitation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection. There are 106 processes in the four steps. Only the water treated by 106 processes can reach the household tap water that meets the national standard. It might have been clean enough, but why should we choose water filtered by an RO water filter?


Tap Water Has Been Through A Potential Twice Pollution

Although the factory standard of tap water is strict, there are still many hidden dangers, because the tap water will be polluted twice in the process of entering thousands of households.

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With the rapid development of high-rise buildings in cities, many communities build cisterns or water storage tanks in high places. The water is first stored in the cisterns or water storage tanks on the roof of the building and then pressurized to flow to each household through water pipes. households, this is also known as secondary pressurized water supply. The sanitation of the water tank is not easy to say... It is not cleaned, disinfected, or covered and locked all the year-round, resulting in rainwater and foreign objects entering the water tank, sediment accumulation, and harmful algae breeding. What's more, there are dead mice, broken items, rust and rust-proof paint that has fallen off, and floating insects and ant corpses.


Even Boiled Water Can Not Kill All Bacteria


For most people might wonder, why can’t I boil water to get pure water? NONONO! High temperature is really not a panacea. Boiling water cannot "kill" heavy metals, arsenic, cyanide, nitrite, and organic pollutants, such as pesticides, pesticides, synthetic detergents, and other harmful substances. Affecting people's health, especially long-term drinking, problems are more likely to accumulate. 

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Worse to Use Common Water Dispenser

There is also a water dispenser, but most people don't know that it needs to be cleaned and disinfected once every 1-2 months, otherwise, it is easy to breed bacteria, and for people with advanced cancer...


Is RO Water Filter Safe?

Yes, the RO water filter is totally safe. Powerful RO Water Purifier Can Make Water 100 Percent Safe

In fact, the above problems can be solved by a "reverse osmosis water purifier"

Water filtered by reverse osmosis water purifier can drink directly. Among the various water purifiers at present marketing, the water purification capacity of the reverse osmosis water purifier is relatively high. It can remove 99% of viruses and heavy metals, soften water quality, and make tap water drinkable.


Reverse Osmosis Water Filter is the reason most impurities can be filtered, which can deeply purify organic pollutants such as scale, heavy metals, and chemical pollutants. After decades of research and innovation, RO reverse osmosis water purification technology has become very mature. RO reverse osmosis technology has a powerful filtration function and is suitable for various water use sites, especially households.


Does RO Filtered Water Need to Be Boiled?

No, there’s no need for that. The filtration precision of RO reverse osmosis membrane is 0.0001 micron, which is equivalent to one ten-millionth of a hair. It can filter out harmful substances such as sediment, rust, colloid, heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, etc. in the water, leaving only water molecules and dissolved oxygen, which can be directly drunk without boiling. Many elderly people rely more on traditional boiling water. In fact, boiling water can only kill some bacteria and viruses, but cannot remove heavy metals from water. Therefore, boiling tap water does not mean that it is foolproof.


Will Long-term Drinking of Filtered Water Cause Calcium Deficiency?

Usually, the calcium content in water is 80mg/L. An adult needs about 800mg of calcium per day. Under normal circumstances, the amount of water a person drinks a day is about 1500ml, and the calcium in the water cannot be completely absorbed by the human body. Therefore, the calcium intake from drinking water is only a small part of the body's needs. Drinking the water produced by the water purifier for a long time will not cause calcium deficiency. In addition, the body's absorption of calcium is also related to its own hormone levels, vitamin D levels, sunlight exposure, exercise, etc. 


There is no need to worry about calcium deficiency caused by drinking water purifiers. Others say that pure water decalcifies. Drinking purified water will dilute the ionic content of body fluids, resulting in calcium loss. In fact, this is a lack of understanding of the structure and function of the human body. The content of ions in the body fluids of the human body is relatively stable. Each adult has about 35-50KG of body fluids. The daily water intake of adults is about 2L, which will not cause too much change in concentration. The main causes of calcium loss are age, hormone levels, and diet. Human bone calcium deposits are very stable than we thought.


How Do Water Filters Work?

Reverse osmosis technology is a membrane separation and filtration technology that uses pressure gauge difference as power. Under certain pressure, water molecules can pass through the RO membrane, while inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic matter, colloids, bacteria, viruses, and other impurities in the water cannot pass through RO. Membrane, so that the permeable pure water and the impermeable concentrated water are strictly distinguished. It has been widely used in scientific research, medicine, food, beverage, seawater desalination, and other fields, among which seawater desalination is the most widely used application.

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Why Choose Filtered Water Than Tap Water?


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