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Things You Should Know Before Installing RO Water Filter

Everyone wants to be sure that they consume healthy products without genetically modified supplements, chemicals, and suspicious tastes. The same refers to water quality - by using a purification system, we'll get pure, safe, ecologically clean water out of unpleasant odor and contaminants.


5 Benefits of Water Filters Bring Up 

That's why a water purification system in water works is a must: you'll be confident that you drink perfectly clean water from the tap. Why buying water filters will improve the quality of your living?


- It creates additional safety by eliminating sediments, pesticides, and other pollution.

- You can control water quality by regulating the amount of chemical, biological, physical, and radiological compounds by applying an effective filter system.

- It prevents viruses and bacteria. The best way to do it is to use reverse osmosis water filters. Why is the RO water filter so efficient? The reason is the nanometer pore size of the membrane that blocks viruses or bacteria from entering the water. Also, the RO system removes chloride, copper, sodium, and lead.

- Reduces the consumption of bottled water that moves us to become more environmentally friendly. Because drinking tap filtered water is a cheaper alternative that cuts plastic bottle manufacturing and also prevents pollution from the environment.

- Improves the taste of the water by removing the horrible odor of hydrogen sulfide, chlorine taste, and organic and inorganic substances.


water filtration to save water

MSPure water & air purifier company that started its activity in 2006, stands for top-quality air and water in American houses by manufacturing diverse air, and water filters to vouch for the clients' healthy living. Having passed such certifications, i.e. ISO9001, FDA, NSF, you can be sure about the high reputation and trustworthiness of MSPure manufacturers.


Considering the latest trends in ecology, you'll enjoy this air & water filter manufacturer since its experienced engineers in aqua technology apply high-tech membrane solutions to guarantee pure and healthy consumption of water.


Thanks to the RO membrane installation, it boosts water alkalinity and enriches it with healthy minerals. What does it mean? It helps water to neutralize acids and bases, by preserving stable pH levels.


On the website of the MSPure company, you'll find a diverse range of water filters with reverse osmosis systems: under sink alkaline remineralization filters, water purifier pitchers, sediment water filter cartridges, under sink RO water filtration, etc.


MSPure water filtration manufacturer does their best to purify the water with modern & effective home water filtration systems using RO water filters. So, you can be sure that your tap water is free of danger and you'll not need to buy bottled water additionally.

 ro water filtration

Without municipal corporations supplying the water to consumers, we should control its quality and therefore set up a decent water management system. Thus, to decrease the concentration of chemicals, heavy metals, and other contaminants, today the majority use updated purification technologies that run on RO, known as reverse osmosis, or UV (ultraviolet) rays filtering systems.


It's needed to say that the RO water filter system is a quite powerful and effective technique that helps to remove heavy metals, microbiological salts, and other impurities through the multi-stage filtration system. Thanks to active carbon filters, the RO system improves the quality of the inlet tap water via a membrane.


The Way RO Filter System Works - RO Filter Types

With the help of a semipermeable membrane, RO forces the water through it by leaving large particles behind the net. So, thanks to solid water pressure, RO Filter purifies it effectively to the max. The reverse osmosis process relies on water pressure and doesn't require a power supply.


To ensure RO filter long-term service, it's necessary to know how it operates and how to change the RO water filter without any damage. Since people get used to using any device without changing its components, these items can break down, which also refers to filter exploitation. The thing is that the majority of particles can be washed away easily, however, some of them will remain in the filter.


Thus, it's important to change the filtering system for its effective operation. The RO system may contain 4 or 5 stages of filtration, so it's necessary to consider each feature:


- A user should change the sediment filter annually, considering that they also have a top-tier water softener to trap bigger particles like dirt and minerals.

- If you have a carbon filter, you should replace it once a year too to remove volatile organic compounds and chlorine that spoils water’s taste and smell.

- Replace polishing filters annually since it removes even microscopic particles by making the water clean and safe for consumption.


Things You Should Know About RO Filters Replacement

It's crucial to buy a proper filter with the right housing that a manufacturer mentions in the instructions. When you're ready to change it, you need to wash your hands properly to avoid bacteria transferring into the filter. Then, read carefully all maintenance conditions to the filter and try to set it properly: shut off the water supply and valves that lead to the system's tank, and finally activate the RO bypass valve.

 ro water filter

Keep in mind that the compartment lid and base should be tightly screwed and perfectly fit its size. Speaking about the RO membrane, when replacing it, it's necessary to push the tab, remove the tubing, and pull the membrane out of the compartment carefully (with the help of pliers if needed).


Check the condition of the O-rings (gaskets) that you need to treat carefully to avoid their damage to avoid leaking. The next step is to remove the old filter that can be full of trash. Brush it thoroughly after sliding out of the housing. A new RO filter should be inserted easily without extra force if choosing the right size. Reverse the actions you did previously when shutting off the water supply and valves to restore the RO system to the working state.



If want to buy a reliable and quality RO filtering system, choose an expert-level company like MSPure. If you purchase filters here, the water purifier manufacturer will help you to pick the proper water purifier and be able to replace it with no hassle.

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