High Efficient Reverse Osmosis membrane replacement ROULP-1812-50

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Membrane Solutions®

Wide Compatibility

Our RO Membrane Module is a universal fit for your under-sink home water filtering system. So if you use Watts, FilmTec, Pentair,GE, or AXEON and other 1812 /2012model membrane, today is your day to switch to something better!


Why choose us


  • High Quality
    Our Reverse Osmosis membrane is made of safe Polyamide film composite material and advanced membrane technology to ensure consistent performance and safe drinking water.
  • Long Lifespan
    Our Reverse Osmosis membrane is strictly sealed and can last for 24-36 months depending on your water quality. It's among the most reliable and consistent elements in the industry.
  • Highly Efficient
    The RO membrane can move harmful contaminants in the water, rated at 100 gallons per day.
Water filter certified quality