Should You Leave Air Purifier On All Day?

Should You Leave Air Purifier On All Day?

Do you leave air purifier on all day? Air purifiers are common to see in our daily life, they protect us by filtering pollutants in our breathing air. While after use, most people would come up with a question: should you leave the air purifier on all day? The answer is No, it’s not because of problems as most people thought, like power waste, or filter waste, but here’s other reasons for you should not leave air purifier on all the time. 

 Should You Leave Air Purifier On All Day

Should You Leave Air Purifier On All Day? For Money’s Sake, the Answer Is NO.

Normally you can keep your air purifier on as long as there is no problem with the fan life, wear, and heat dissipation. In theory, any electrical appliance can operate 24 hours without rest, but each electrical appliance has its life span. The lifespan of the air purifier is the loss of the HEPA filter. For example, the material that usually can be used for one year, but gets in need of replacement only after half a year or three months’ use, is all blame for incorrect use. So should you run air purifier all day? It is recommended to turn on the machine when there are people and turn it off the machine when there is no one. For example, when someone is at home or sleeping at night, we turn on the air purifier, so that the air purifier can be used more reasonably, and you can save a lot of money.


Is It Safe to Leave Air Purifier On All Day? For Health’s Sake, the Answer is Still no.

The air purifier is used in a closed room. And it applies the principle of internal circulation, which only purifies the original air in the room. The machine sucks the indoor air into the filter through the air inlet for filtration and purification and then discharges the filtered air through the air outlet, which can effectively reduce indoor PM2.5, odor, and other harmful substances, so as to aim at purifying the air through this cycle. The air path processed by the air purifier is indoor → indoor. What does this mean? It means that after a long time of use of an air purifier, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the indoor air will continue to increase, and the oxygen content will be insufficient. Such stale air is harmful to human health. 


Some people may oppose that the house is not completely sealed, and there will be some gaps in the doors and windows, so the outdoor air can still be exchanged with the indoor air. However, such a little exchange rate cannot meet our healthy breathing needs. Therefore, you cannot keep the air purifier on all the time. After using it for a period of time, you should open the window for ventilation to ensure the freshness of the indoor air. As for how long should it takes to ventilate, it mainly depends on the local air quality, the size of the indoor space, the number of people, and the level of indoor air pollution.


Should Air Purifier Run All Day Cost Much Power?

Technically, leave air purifier on all the time, it won’t cost much electricity. It won’t cost much electricity even you run it for a whole day, in number it will cost less than 2.4 kWh a day. To know more on my blog: How Much Electricity Does an Air Purifier Use? And How to Save It? While you do need to be careful if you keep your air purifier on all day, you are wasting your money by shortening the filters’ lifespan.


Can You Leave An Air Purifier On All Night? Yes You Should Do So!

According to a study, people’s health systems are fragile to harmful air particles like germs and bacteria. While people rest in bed at night, most of us are used to closing doors and windows. Closing the doors and windows, makes the air in the bedroom relatively closed, and the harmful gases and substances that are constantly emitted cannot be diffused in a timely and sufficient manner, and then are inhaled into the mouth and nose by the human body, causing various uncomfortable reactions in the body, and even causing serious diseases.


Can You Leave An Air Purifier On All Night

If an air conditioner is used for too long at your home, it is easier to breed a large number of pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus, and Legionella in the filter. According to the statistics, in an air-conditioned room, the indoor oxygen will drop by 13.2%, E after 5 to 6 hours. These bacteria are sent to the bedroom by the wind of the air conditioner, which will cause various discomfort reactions in the body of people in a low immune state during sleep.


What's worse, formaldehyde, benzene series, and other air pollutants in the house that are constantly volatilizing all year round, in the uncirculated air at night, their concentration is often much higher than when the windows are opened for ventilation during the day, which will also cause more damage to human health. serious injury. Therefore, if possible, use an air purifier in the bedroom, and it is recommended to turn on the air purifier at night. The air purifier is placed in the bedroom to work. So now let’s answer the question is it OK to leave the air purifier on all night? Yes, please do so, it can rely on its strong adsorption capacity to suck harmful pollutants in the air into the body, filter and purify through the filter, and release clean and healthy air, thereby ensuring the user's sleep time for respiratory health.


Should I Leave My Air Purifier On All the Time, Even When No One Is At Home?

If you shouldn't leave air purifier on all the time, how often should an air purifier be turned off? When the outdoor air quality is good, the air purifier can get in a rest, open the window for ventilation to maintain air circulation, and when there is no one at home, it is also recommended to turn it off, the consumption of energy-saving filter and power loss. Msa3s smart air purifier, with smart wifi function, before returning home from get off work, you can use the mobile APP to turn on the purifier in advance, and you can breathe fresh and healthy air when you get home.


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Should I Leave My Air Purifier On All the Time

So overall, to the question "is it safe to leave air purifier on all day?", the answer is yes, why not leave it on to keep your health as long as possible, it won't cost you much. Here's a recommendation product, as an early brand engaged in air pollution control and purifier product development, MSpure air purifier has a high position in the industry in terms of air purifier technology, we own the most professional membrane filtering tech, so we produce powerful HEAP air purifiers and filters for human's breathing health.

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