How to Make a Water Purifier at Home and in the Wild?

How to Make a Water Purifier

How to make a simple water filter? Pure water is a very important to our life, while water existing in our life, is always polluted. Then a water filter should be there to purify it before it gets into our body. And it is better you know how to make a self made water filter at home.

What’s worse, when you are in the wild, if you are lack water, an easy water filter device can really save your life. In this passage, I will show you how to make water filter at home and in the wild.


How to Make a Homemade Water Filter?

Preparing for Home Made Water Filter

Filter shell

protect your water filtration system


Generate pressure to your filtration system

RO membrane

remove tiny particles(beyond 0.01microns) from water. The process is similar to conventional sand or media filters in that suspended solids are removed, but generally dissolved solids are not removed. Membrane filtration processes can operate under pressure or vacuum.


catches unwanted dirt particles as your water flows through the system.

Connecting joints

connects the whole sets


contorl the power for pump

TDS tester

indicates the quality of the generated water

Pressure gauge

indicattes the working condition of the fitration



How to Make a Water Filter Step by Step?

First, connect three filters, the connection order should be, 1-pp-2-uf-3-cto. and then water inlet valves to water filters. One thing you need to pay attention at, there’s water inlet marks on the filters, follow the guide on it, it will work at the best level.

Second, connect your pump to the filters, still, there’s a water inlet mark. And after the pump, connect RO membrane to the pump, where the water needs an acceleration. You are gonna see a water inlet mark on the RO membrane. Connect two pipes at the bottom of RO’s other side, one is for waste disposal, and connect the other one to a pressure indicator.

Third, you can connect it to your kitchen tap, or water storage. 

Fourth, you need to install the shell to protect 

If you have other ideas like a deeper filtration, you can connect at the end step, as following chart.


How to Make a Homemade Water Filter

Tips for Water Filter Making

There is an arrow at the bottom of the water inlet valve to indicate the direction of water flow, do not install it backward! !! (The consequence of reverse installation is that the water inlet valve will not be able to cut off the power and water.) Be sure to pay attention to the direction of the water flow and do not install it reversely. 


The red circle is the socket for the reserved water quality probe. There are two ports to be connected here, the large port is connected to the water inlet of the membrane shell, and the small port is the port of the reserved pressure gauge. This connector is made of two such connectors. There are two sealing rings at the bottom of the membrane, which are inserted into the membrane shell here. Then note that there is a groove at the bottom of the membrane shell, and the two sealing rings of the membrane must be completely inserted into this, otherwise the leakage of water and the pure water wastewater cannot be distinguished.


The wastewater valve also has a water flow direction arrow here, be sure to pay attention! !! The wastewater valve and the throttle valve are connected in parallel to make a wastewater valve that can adjust the waste water ratio. Install the waste valve to the machine. According to the instructions on the back of the computer board, it will be connected and plugged in. Everything works fine on the boot. While if everything seems to be complicated for you, of course here’s another choice for you, an RO water filter system can help you out of this.


how to make a water purifier

How to Make a Water Filter in the Wild?

When you are traveling outside, water shortage is a fatal problem, while making a survival water filter can solve your problems, follow the following steps, and you will learn some simple ways to make your water filters in the wild.


How to Make a Survival Water Filter?

To make a survival water filter, you need to prepare the materials, a large plastic bottle or oil drum or something like that, medical gauze, pebbles, quartz sand, activated carbon, fluffy cotton, and straws.


First, drill a round hole in the plastic bottle cap, the size of the hole should be the same as the straw. Insert the straw so that it cannot leak. Cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle with a craft knife.


After cutting, put the bottle mouth down, and put fluffy cotton, gauze, activated carbon, gauze, quartz sand, gauze, pebbles, and gauze inside in order. Such a simple water purifier is ready.


When in use, water can be poured from the top of the bottle. In this way, the water is filtered layer by layer, and the water flowing down from the straw is clean water. This water can be used to boil water.


The among steps might be difficult when materials are not easy to get, while here’s another way to make the easiest water filter.


How to Make Water Filter with Plastic Bottle?

In addition to this slightly cumbersome water purifier, we can also make a very simple one. Prepare a piece of medical gauze and medical cotton, put the application cotton in the middle of the gauze, and then tie it to the plastic bottle. By cutting the bottom of the bottle, the bottle can be placed over the mouth of another bottle containing sewage. The water is filtered through cotton and gauze. The water that comes out is relatively clean.


This method is very simple. Gauze and medical cotton are also necessary and easy to obtain items for long-distance travel, but the gauze and medical cotton must be replaced every one to two days.


These two kinds of homemade water purifiers can only filter out a part of the impurities in the water, or the purchased water purifiers can remove organic substances and heavy metals, and the effect is better.


Recommendation for Your Water Filter Making

If you are planning to travel in the wild, hope you are not gonna take these methods to get pure water, but always having enough water in your bag. And also, here’s a recommendation, a survival water straw, it can help you easily get pure water from any water resource. Get rid off the pollutants, and send healthy water in your mouth.

how to make a water filter in the wild

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