Do Air Purifiers Work for Secondhand Smoke?

air purifier for secondhand smoke

Air purifier for smoke is engaging in our life at present time, it helps our life more healthy with clean air. While there are still many puzzles about the product, such as do air purifiers work for smoking? Because secondhand smoke is now human beings biggest enemy, it can cause cancer potentially, there are many sources of them in our daily life. Today this article will lead you to know whether air purifier for smoke could remove secondhand smoke, and how do air purifiers work for smoking. First, let’s begin with how the secondhand smoke affect our life.


What Are the Risks of Secondhand Smoke?

Secondhand smoke is made up of gaseous toxic compounds known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These bad things are dangerous and cause widespread risks of secondhand smoke for both adults and children. Research shows that one in two smokers dies from smoking-related diseases.

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Examples of Second Hand Smoke Effect

  • For the Blood

Blood Circulation The toxic substances in cigarette tar can increase your blood pressure and heart rate. Also, because smoke contains many toxic compounds, smoking may narrow your arteries and reduce the amount of oxygen. If you don't have enough oxygen, you could have a heart attack.


  • For the brain

Smoking is more likely to give you a stroke. The most dangerous health problems are brain damage and death. The nicotine in secondhand smoke can stimulate the brain, affect the blood vessels in the brain, and damage a person's intelligence.


  • For the Lungs

Smoking is the worst killer of lungs. Starting with coughing, wheezing and asthma attacks, smoking can lead to deadly diseases like emphysema and lung cancer.


  • For the Skin

For the sake of the skin, smoking reduces the amount of oxygen to the skin. This means that when you smoke, your skin ages faster and looks dull.


Stuttering, smoking can cause bad breath and stained teeth. Also, if you keep smoking, it can damage your sense of taste and even cause cancer.


Won't all these facts make you quit smoking? At the very least, you should think about your children or other members of your family. If you can't (and we don't judge you), you should use an air purifier to help clear the smoke and, as a result, return clean air to your family.

Table of Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke

Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke


Harm to memory

affect the blood vessels in the brain

Acute coronary heart disease

secondhand smoke reduces the oxygen content of the heart muscle

Harm to pregnant women and children

lower birth weights and are more likely to die from SIDS

Leading to other cancers

risk of ischemic brain tissue, leukemia and tumors


Do Air Purifiers Work for Smoking?

Yes, it does. To help eliminate smoke, air purifiers must remove particles in the air that can form visible smoke and tiny particles in odors. For families with the elderly, children and pregnant women, it can better protect the health of their respiratory tract, which is worth choosing. There is a kind of HEPA efficient filtration technology in the air purifier, which is specially used for filtering large particles. .An air purifier for smoke can only help fight smog if it has two parts:


air purifier for second hand smoke

For MSHEPA filter, this system removes 99.97% of particles below 0.3 microns. This includes high levels of pollutant particles in visible smoke. While powerful, not all true HEPA filters on the market are effective against VOCs or toxic gases.

An activated carbon filter, which absorbs the smell of smoke. It also removes volatile organic compounds and toxic gases without any problems.

Pre-filters and medium filters will help reduce most of the toxic compounds in the smoke. These filters are usually washable, which helps extend the life of true HEPA filters.


How Do Air Purifiers Help with Smoke?

MS HEPA filters are certified to capture 99.97% of 0.3 micron contaminant particles. If the filter does not meet this requirement (is a hepa type or similar hepa filter) it will not help you from some VOCs or small bacteria.


An activated carbon filter is a unique filter that consists of a special type of activated carbon (charcoal). With these ultra-fine pores, this filter can absorb the gaseous smoke of cigarettes. This absorption is the adhesion of molecules that transform the gaseous state into a solid surface. Once absorbed, the smell of smoke dissipates as it is not released back into the air.

UV filters, no matter how useful they are at killing viruses and bacteria, are ineffective against any harmful compounds in tobacco smoke.


The ionizer works like a true HEPA filter, reducing pollutant particles and emitting a cloud of negatively charged ions into the air. These ions attract pollutant particles to fall on nearby surfaces. However, you must check if your ionizer is producing high levels of ozone, as ozone is one of the causes of asthma attacks. Beside choosing a good air purifier for smoke removing, it is also necessary to place your air purifier in a proper place. If you don't know how to improve the air purification, you can check on the article I wrote: 4 tips to enhance the efficiency of air purifier by placing correctly.


Conclusion of Air Purifier for Second Hand Smoke

Air purifier for secondhand smoke makes the room air circulation flow, the air pollution through the air filter after the various pollutants removal or adsorption, HEPA to smoke, suspended particles, bacterium, virus has very strong purification function, catalytic activated carbon for odor and harmful gas purification effect is better, to secondhand smoke in the air adsorption and clear, achieve the goal of clean, purify air. It has a long service life.


Air purifier is becoming more and more popular in our life, it’s a necessary part of our high quality life. There are still good markets of them, to get in it, choosing a professional manufacturer is a key point. MSpure has delved into manufacturing air purifier for almost two decades, we have passed ISO9001, CE, FDA and NSF certification early in 2013, our customers are all around the world, if you are in need of any help, please come to consult with us.

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