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Best Tips of Water Purifier Installation

Most water purification membranes on the market can achieve the effect of water purification, but if it is for safety and health, you can drink cold water directly in summer, or buy a drinking machine that can filter heavy metals and microorganisms. RO water purifier membrane can make tap water filtered into weak alkaline mineral water with pH 7.6 in seconds. We must know that weak alkaline water containing minerals is not only particularly sweet in taste, but also conducive to the precipitation of tea polyphenols. Whether it is tea or coffee, it is better to use pure water! How to choose a high-efficiency water filtration membrane? How often to replace the reverse osmosis membrane, this article will take you to understand the details.


How Often to Replace Reverse Osmosis Filters?

The reverse osmosis water filter machine adopts RO technology with a filtration accuracy of 0.1 nanometers, which can filter 99.9% of heavy metals and microorganisms in tap water. You can drink it without boiling it! Basically, any bacteria and viruses can be filtered ensure maintenance or replacement is performed before the expiration date. The normal application cycle is as follows:

Once the pure water equipment works for 240 hours, and the RO membrane should be cleaned once with drugs.


The RO membrane should be replaced after the pure water equipment has worked for 2900 hours.

 ro water filter replace

After the reverse osmosis equipment operates normally for a period of time, the reverse osmosis membrane elements will be polluted by suspended solids or insoluble salts that may exist in the feed water, and the following symptoms will occur: the weight of the reverse osmosis equipment membrane elements increases; the RO membrane removal rate is obvious Increase or decrease; under the standard pressure, the water production of the reverse osmosis equipment drops significantly; in order to achieve the standard water production, the operating pressure needs to be improved; the pressure drop down while the influent and concentrated water of the reverse osmosis equipment increases; the membrane element is taken out of the pressure vessel, pour the water on the inlet side of the erected membrane element. If the water cannot flow through the membrane element and only overflows from the end face, it indicates that the inlet water channel is blocked.


3 Points to Choose a RO Water Filter

Pure Waste Ratio

The pure waste ratio refers to the ratio of pure water and wastewater produced during water purification. For example, a pure waste ratio of 2:1 means that one cup of sewage will be produced when two cups of pure water are produced. Because the filtration precision of RO reverse osmosis water purifier is extremely high, the filtered heavy metals, organic matter, etc. need to be discharged, which produces a part of wastewater with these pollutants. Although these discharged wastewaters can be used for watering flowers, washing clothes, etc., it is more suitable to choose a water purifier with a high pure waste ratio for economic benefits and environmental protection concepts.


Water Filter Lifespan

The determinant of the water filter lifespan is actually the rated water purification volume. The purified water volume that can be produced by a filter element is fixed, and the water consumption of each household is different. This results in differences in filter life. The easiest way to judge whether the filter element needs to be replaced is to observe the flow of water. If the water outlet speed becomes very slow, it is time to consider replacing the filter element.


water filter lifespan


Replacement Cost

In fact, the price of the water purifier itself is not too high. What we mainly buy is the filter element. After all, it is "working", and the filter element of each layer has a certain life, and it needs to be replaced when it expires, and the maintenance cost in the later stage is Higher, so when we buy a water purifier, we need to know how much the cost of changing the core is and whether it is acceptable.


What to Consider in A Home Water Filtration System Installation?

Since the kitchen structure of each home is different, we have to choose the appropriate reverse osmosis water filter installation method according to the kitchen structure and our own needs.

① Water Storage Bucket Under the Kitchen

It is installed in the cabinet and has a water storage bucket, which can store a part of pure water in the bucket in advance, which is convenient for the next use. If the flux of the water purifier is low, the one with a water storage bucket should be the best choice. The price of water purifiers is slightly lower, which can be considered if the budget is not enough. The disadvantage is that the water stored in the bucket may cause secondary pollution, the purity cannot be fully guaranteed, and it occupies a large volume, which is not suitable for small cabinets.


②Under Sink RO System Installation Without Water Storage Bucket

Installed in the cabinet, there is no water storage bucket, which effectively saves the cabinet space, and the drinking water must be clean and hygienic. This installation method is the mainstream on the market. For high-flux water purifiers, it is undoubtedly The best way to install them. The disadvantage is that the price is slightly higher and the installation is more complicated.


③ Kitchen Sink Water Filter without Storage Bucket

The advantage of this installation method is that it produces less wastewater and does not need a storage bucket, which is convenient and quick. The disadvantage is that it takes up desktop space and is not beautiful.

under sink water filter for kitchen



④Desktop Type without Installation

This style of water purifier is actually not suitable for home use. The applicable scene is the office because this kind of water purifier needs to add water to purify it by itself, and it is extremely inconvenient to use a small amount of water. The advantage is that it can be heated, and it is more convenient to make tea and milk.



Whether there is a need to replace your filter, judge on the serve time of your ro water filter, best changing time is every 2900 hours filter working time. And you'd better install your water filter appromaxtely based on your room structure. Looking for a brilliant ro water purifier? check at MSPure, professional in ro water purifying technology, you might will get what you want here.

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