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4 Reasons Your Filtered Water Taste Bad

Why Does Filtered Water Taste Bitter

Are you using a RO water filtration system in your home or office? And sometimes you might find that your filtered water taste bad, and wonder why? You might have encountered the following four issues:

  1. you are using a new RO water filter.
  2. your water filtration is aging.
  3. you have not used your water filter for a long interval time.
  4. your water filter is not a qualified one.

Do you want to know how to deal with them? This article will tell you the solutions to them all, and also guide to see all about RO water filtration you are interested in.

Taste, Safety, Or Both?

They are both important. Normally filtered water has no taste or a little bit light sweet, that is because there are some mineral reserved, which is good for our health. So when you find your water filter gives you sweet water, don’t get panic, it’s a normal thing. While you tongue feels other taste, like salty, sour, or something like bitter, then you might have come across the following four cases.

filtered water tastes sweet

Why Does Filtered Water Taste Bitter?

The Filter Element Protection Liquid Causes It

If the newly installed water purifier has a peculiar smell in the water filtered by the newly installed water purifier, please pay attention to the water purification focus. That is because the filter element protection liquid of the water purifier does not Caused by rinsing. When encountering this kind of problem, we only need to open the sewage outlet and faucet after installing the water purifier, and let it rinse for about 15 minutes. The odor can be completely removed.

The Service Life of the Filter Element Is Expired.

The water purifier has been used for too long, and the filtration function of the filter element has gradually weakened, or the filter element has reached its service life. Due to the hot weather, filtered bacteria and plant spores can ferment as the temperature increases, affecting the color and quality of the water. In this case, we need to replace the filter element. Among all filter cartridges, activated carbon filter cartridges are the core part, it is specially designed to remove odor and color from water and organic solvents. All we have to replace first is the activated carbon filter.

filtered water tastes sweet

Preserved Water Deteriorated

    If the water purifier is not used for a long time, there is water left in the filter element. If the water purifier is not used for a long time, there will be an odor. The reason is there was water left inside before. After a long time, the water has already deteriorated and tasted bad. To solve this kind of problem, just take out the filter element and clean the stagnant water inside.

    Inferior water purifiers Made By Non-brand Manufacturer

      The last reason for the odor of the water may be that you have purchased an inferior or counterfeit water purifier, which has no filtering and purification functions at all. Therefore, we must first understand how to buy water purifiers and brands of water purifiers before purchasing. The function of general brand water purifiers is several times better than that of non-brand water purifiers, and the quality is more guaranteed.

      Do Old Filters Make Reverse Osmosis Water Taste Bad?

      How often the filter is changed can affect the taste of the reverse osmosis water.

      If the pre-filter of a reverse osmosis system has not been replaced in a while, it may not allow strong enough pressure to pass through. Reverse osmosis membranes work best when the water is forced through, and if it is difficult for the water to reach the membrane, the product water may not be filtered.

      Simply put, when it comes to the taste of reverse osmosis water, a lot depends on the water entering the reverse osmosis system, the type of filtration the reverse osmosis system provides, and the condition of the system.

      How to Tell If RO Membrane is Bad?

      The first important indicator is to see the change of producing water, which mostly shows by the flow. If it works constantly, and it is the sign you replace your membrane RO system. It owes to the usage rate is up. So in a word, the quality of the produced water can show clearly if the ro membrane is bitter, and if it is the time to replace the membrane.

      What Certifications Should I Look for?

      For a water pitcher you should pay some attentions on at least two certifications: NSF Standard 42 and NSF Standard 53.

      NSF/ANSI Standard 42: This is the certification for “aesthetic impurities”, it means the filter is designed to improve the taste of water. Covered minerals/elements include: iron, chlorine,   zinc, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide, but pH neutralization is factored in as well.

      NSF/ANSI Standard 53: This is the certification for common health effects, set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Covered minerals/elements include: fluoride, nitrate, nitrite, and heavy metals like lead, arsenic, selenium, chromium, copper, cadmium, and mercury.

      Why RO Water Filter System?

      The following are a table of the 10 years cost on three different methods for a 8-people-family they are bottled water, normal filter, and RO filter.


      10 Years' Cost



      Bottled water


      Safe from bacterias

      More users come with higher cost

      Normal Filter


      Can remove most odor
      suitable for personal use

      Still need to be boiled to kill bacterias
      Not suitable for people who has kidney disease
      Slow filtration speed

      RO Filter


      Able to filter Ca+ Mg+ and some other heavy metal in water
      Can remove bacterias and germs

      Will produce a certain quatainty of polluted water


      RO Membrane Water Purifier - The Best Choice For You

      The water outlet speed is the most direct factor affecting the daily use experience. Use it every day to know how important it is to get water fast. Drinking water, cooking, raising fish, filling humidifiers... A water purifier with slow water output may be anxious to death. But from the principle, RO reverse osmosis membrane water purifier, the water output is slow, certainly not as fast as tap water; RO membrane with large flux and fast water output will be more expensive.

      More Rational Cost of RO System

      How much will it cost to install it? According to the service life of 10 to 15 years, the replacement cost of the filter element needs to be considered more than the purchase price of the water purifier. The hundreds of dollars saved by the water purifier may slowly be spent on the filter element. Here we can not only look at the unit price of the filter element, but also the service life of the filter element, that is, the frequency of replacement.

      High Efficient Performance

      RO reverse osmosis membrane water purifiers, will produce high-concentration wastewater. Generally speaking, the higher the waste water ratio, the more water is saved. But in fact, the ratio of wastewater claimed by most water purifiers is the maximum value under certain conditions. In many cases, if the water quality, water temperature, and continuous water production time cannot meet the conditions, the declared maximum wastewater ratio cannot be achieved.

      Recommending Product

      T1-5 RO Water Filter System, has 5 stage water purification processes, it can help you to filter 99% of harmful contaminants in your home water system, avoid water taste getting bad, protect your family's daily water health.

      Find A Reliable Water Purifier Supplier

      Water purification capacity and efficiency The core function of water purifier products, what is the use of it if water purification is not good? The core component related to purification, that is, RO reverse osmosis membrane, must be made of solid materials and excellent workmanship. At present, the RO membranes on the market are only those companies with the best core technology, and there are still many fake ones. Therefore, only a good RO membrane can be used if a reassuring water purifier brand is selected.

      Membrane Solutions can be the very water purifier manufacturer you can trust in, RO water purifiers has been the main seller in the past two decades’ selling experience, our products are qualified to serve you a healthy life.

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