Who We Are?

Membrane Solutions, LLC. was established in 2006 and is a globally renowned supplier of membrane filtration products. MSPure and SimPure are both sister brands under Membrane Solutions, LLC., offering a range of high-quality home products based on this filtering technology, including air purifiers, home filtration systems, and outdoor water straws. SimPure is mainly for retail, while MSPure is specifically designed to support wholesale purchases.

What We Do?

Membrane Solutions pride itself in integrating research and development, production, and sales to offer the best. Our core competency lies in our comprehensive membrane-making technology which spans from Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, and Reverse Osmosis membrane production.

We are dedicated to provide filtration solutions across three key sectors: Laboratory Biological Filtration, Sterile Filtration/Industrial Electronic Wastewater Treatment, and Landfill Leachate. Additionally, we hold expertise in Tap Drinking Water Treatment, Residential In-House Water Purification, Outdoor Filtration and Air purification, follow our commitment to provide pure, safe, and accessible water and air for all. 

Our Concept

"Better Membrane, Better Solutions"; making first-class membrane materials and membrane products is the concept of survival and development of Membrane Solutions.

Our Mission

As a trusted solution provider, we are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of water purification and air purification solutions to our customers.


Membrane Solutions places great significance in Research and Development. We are devoted to bringing clean, pure water and air to all, made possible by our cutting-edge membrane technologies. We are constantly developing and pursuing advancements in filtration technology, enhancing the application for our products in Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis.

3Membrane Solutions has the capability to provide filtration solutions in 3 key sectors: Laboratory, Industry, and Residential. 

5Global R&D base and production facility in Seattle, Japan,Shanghai, Chongqing and Nantong.

Extensive global trade footprint, collaboration with over 200 distributors in 80 countries where our products are sold.

GLOBAL 500Membrane Solutions proudly serves global Fortune 500 business partners, including companies such as SGS, Samsung, Pfizer, and Veolia Water.

Up until 2021, Membrane Solutions has sold more than one billion filter units worldwide. Our mission is to deliver continuous, clean, and sustainable solutions that enhance the quality of life.