How to Remove Bad Smell from Room Naturally?

How to Remove Bad Smell from Room Naturally

Do you always have the question “why my house smells like stinky feet? Why do I always live in a smelly room? But how to remove bad smell from room naturally?” If you have the questions, check out this article, I will show you ways to improve indoor air quality. You should know there are reasons of the stink smells in your house you might have ignored, and I will show you how to find them first, then your house needs air purification. Keep read on this article, you will acquire ways to improve air quality in home, and get rid of bad smell in house.


Factors of a Smelly Room

Before knowing how to improve indoor air quality, here are some tips for you to know and find smelly sources.


Reason of Room Smells Like Feet

Foot odor is Methyl Mercaptan Gas. This kind of smell is usually found in old houses. It might be caused by some wearing socks. Smelly socks were not found under a bed or under a couch. After that, the whole room smelled like stinky feet. Usually, the environment is humid and the air conditioner has been used for a long time, so bacteria grow in the air conditioner. Generally, bacteria are not active when the temperature is low, but once the temperature rises, they will multiply rapidly and emit formaldehyde. Odor gases such as mercaptans and methylamino.

room smells like feet

The problem might either be with the shoes. Sometimes the smell of the shoe cabinet is too strong. After staying near the shoe cabinet for a long time, your nose will get used to the smell. For example, when you open the door, you can smell a bad smell, and then the smell is basically gone, but it may be that the whole room is full of this smell, but you can't detect it.


Reason of My Room Smells Like Sweat

Maybe you have woken up in the middle of the night and found yourself soaked in sweat. This is normal. If you shower regularly, the bacteria on your body are not easy to detect, but at night it will start to break down the sweat, so your room will smell like sweat. In addition, the following reasons can also cause sweat odor:

  • Poor ventilation
  • Sweaty clothes or towels
  • Sweat on fitness equipment
  • Suffering from hyperhidrosis
Room Smells Like Sweat


Reason of Room Smell Musty

In a room full of mold spores, you can feel the room smell musty, and breathe in countless spores at any time! However, after a few days of ventilation and drying, the content gets less! The reason might be that the room has been sealed for a long time. If there is no ventilation, mold will grow, and the mold will multiply and emit a musty smell.

Room Smell Musty

Therefore, if you want to get rid of the musty smell, the key is to ventilate and sterilize, especially the mold spores will float in the air. If people live in such an environment for a long time, it will be bad for their health. Allergies need attention, such as allergic rhinitis, skin, and asthma! A rental room hasn’t been visited for a week in the rainy season. Mold will grow on the wall, and the smell of mushrooms can fill in it. Does there any ways to to improve air quality? and will an air purifier help with old house smell like above all? Keep reading on you will know.


How to Improve Indoor Air Quality? 

  • If the smell is from a textile or the like, take it down and wash it, wash it once or twice with 84 disinfectant, or use HRC deodorizing and disinfecting spray with high-level disinfection level. In fact, its smell will basically disappear. If there is a similar smell on the indoor walls and floors, it is recommended to spray the disinfectant 1-2 times. Then close the doors and windows, do not stay indoors, keep it closed for half a day to a day. And then open the windows for ventilation, airflow will improve air quality. And the bad-smelly room is basically clean.


  • After the air conditioner is powered off, thoroughly atomize and disinfect the gaps, particles, and filter screens of the air conditioner. After using it a few times, it will basically lose the smell, you will get better indoor air quality.


  • While after these steps, you still an air purifier to purify your indoor air. In a case the smelly odor will come back. It is the key tool to remove bad smell from room naturally. In a closed room, it can keep the air in and out, and filter every breath of air.  Through eliminating bad odor in the house, realize continuous air improvement, and give you better air quality.


    How to Remove Bad Odor with A HEPA Air Purifier?

    HEPA filter helps remove bad smell from room naturally, it refers to the filter that meets the HEPA (High-Efficiency Air Filter) standard. It has the advantages of large adsorption capacity and high purification efficiency. It can effectively filter dust particles and bacteria and other pollutants. And it especially targets bacteria with foot odor and sweat Breeds bacteria, and a range of fungi.


    With it, don’t worry about how to improve air quality in your home. A HEPA air purifier can efficiently remove all of the above particles, extinct every potential air stinky factor. The HEPA filter inside allows the machine to remove particles at 3 microns. MSPure air purifiers have 3 stage filtration systems. A Pre-Filter can capture Hair, Pet Dander, and Fiber in the air; HEPA Filter captures tiny bacteria; An Activated Carbon Filter captures and neutralizes Bad Smells, Pet Odor, and VOC to improve air quality.


    MSA3 Pet Air Purifier Strongly Eliminate Bad Odor in House


    How to Remove Bad Smell from Room Naturally

    MSA3 Pet Air Purifier is powerful with a 3-1 HEPA Air Purifier, it can tell how to remove bad odor. This smart design let it can effectively removes 99.97% airborne pollutants and bacteria. Get rid of stinky feet smell of a smelly room.


    MS18 Air Purifier for Smoke Fast improve Air Quality in Home


    How to Remove Bad Smell from Room Naturally

    MS18 air purifier for smoke is designed for smoke odor removal. With a HEPA filter, and a large air contact vent design, it can also well absorb bad smells in room.


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