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How to choose an air purifier?

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Clean air is the basis of human well-being and health. We are talking about the quality of the environment. Dust, allergens, pollutants, bacteria - how to escape these things in the big city? Install an air purifier.


An air purifier is a device everyone should have at home (and better yet, at work too). No city can boast perfect ecology - not even the most well-appointed and cleanest. As a result, the air is filled with exhaust fumes, harmful substances, and dust. Doctors say that to feel good. You must ventilate the room at least several times a day. But in reality, the air we let into the room is not fresh or clean.

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Air purifiers are relatively easy to use and maintain devices that can help solve this problem. And it is worth saying that they are helpful in city apartments. However, even if you live in nature, you can be surrounded by different allergens and the same dust.


An air purifier can be helpful in large offices to solve the problem of collective colds of employees in the fall and winter and maintain a healthy microclimate of the room. In addition, this tiny device can prevent allergies, reduce the risk of colds, alleviate asthma, and maintain air quality at a high level in continuous operation.


The Most Effective Types of Purifiers

Today, hundreds of different models are on the market, with additional functionality and equipment. And in the variety of air purifiers, it is easy to get confused. But let's take the device's operation principle and the type of filtering element used, then for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. The following options of air purifiers are the most suitable.


Devices With an Air Washer

Units of this type are distinguished because the water environment created inside the team is responsible for air purification. For this purpose, the body provides one or more "wet" drums equipped with special plates. These constructive elements attract debris particles and harmful impurities, passing through purified water.


Modern models are equipped with electronic displays and special sensors that monitor and signal the owner about the degree of contamination of the device.


The Devices With HEPA Filter

Hepa air purifier is considered the best option for asthmatics and allergic people. After all, they can remove up to 99% of allergens from the air thanks to a multi-stage cleaning system.

HEPA Air Purifier

Delicate purification systems can be used in households and rooms with high demands for air conditioning.


The pleasing purification effect is achieved due to a particular HEPA fabric laid inside the filter on thin corrugated strips. The caliber of the holes ranges from 0.3 to 6.4 microns.


These devices are easy to use, so children can quickly learn to operate them.


Devices with Ionizing Effect

The principle of action of this type of device is the same as in the analogs. The only difference is that the directional airflow, which has been mechanically cleaned, enters the ionization chamber in the cavity, which acquires a positive charge.


After that, it enters the chamber with plates installed inside that have a negative charge. As a result, positively electrified dust settles on the surface. Devices of this type can be used repeatedly. To clean the contents, you need to unplug the machine, remove the plates from it, and then rinse them in a soapy solution.


Cleaners with an ionizing effect are chosen for people with insufficient immune protection and allergic people. Devices that capture solid impurities with a size of 0.1 microns and above are installed in living rooms and bedrooms.


Purifier Models with Ozonators

Devices equipped with ozonators are generators of triatomic oxygen. The principle of operation of such cleaners is based on the synthesis of ozone, in which oxygen molecules are converted from two-atom to three-atom molecules as they pass through an electric arc. The synthesized ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent.


Units that create modified oxygen are excellent at fighting microbes and destroying toxins. Their only disadvantage is that you have to leave the room while the equipment is working. After all, the high level of ozone in the room can have a negative impact on your well-being.


Air Purifying Units with Photocatalysts

In addition to their primary function, units of this type can disinfect the air in the room, destroying substances harmful to the human body. This result is achieved through the interaction of ultraviolet light and a photocatalyst.

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Photocatalytic models are safer than other types. This is because due to ultraviolet radiation on their surface, bacteria do not reproduce. And therefore, in the case of untimely replacement of the "cartridge," the accumulated inside the device harmful substances will not be released into the air.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the Device

The advantages of using air purifiers include:

- Neutralization of harmful components contained in the air environment.

- Creation of a clean and fresh microclimate within a closed room.

- Removing allergens from the air, even of minimal size.

- Eliminating pathogenic bacteria and viruses, harmful toxins and chemicals, unpleasant stinks, and tobacco smoke.

People who use the devices note that at the stage of exacerbation of the disease, the devices help reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks and clinical manifestations of coughing. Devices of this type have only one disadvantage - high cost.

Air purifiers should be used with caution for people who suffer from these types of ailments:

- Arterial hypertension;

- Hypersensitivity to the slightest effects of irritants;

- Persons with reduced immunity often manifest viral diseases.

Among the disadvantages of budget models, some users refer to the noise level caused by the built-in fan. To eliminate this flaw, manufacturers have released devices with a night mode, which reduces the blade speed.


Installation Method

It is worth paying attention to where you can place the cleaner. Compact models are better placed on the table. For large devices, there is a place on the floor. But a wall-mounted air purifier will look great in a design interior.


The air purifier is a real salvation for asthmatics, allergy sufferers, and people who are worried about their health. Becoming the owner of such a device, you can safely count on a comfortable and safe atmosphere within the walls of your home.

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