How To Choose Air Purifier For Large Room Bedroom

large bedroom air purifier

Using an air purifier is a very effective way to improve indoor air quality and create a healthy and comfortable residential environment. The main function of an air purifier is to remove suspended particles in the air, such as dust and pollen.

air purifier large bedroom

With the destruction of the atmospheric environment, many healthy people are now paying attention to the home environment, choosing to use air purifier for bedroom and living rooms. The use of such air purifiers can generally be divided into mechanical and electrostatic types. , Negative oxygen ion type, physical adsorption type, chemical adsorption type and composite air purifier. When purchasing, consumers should compare their primary purification rate, air volume, noise, etc., and pay attention to the following points before choosing to buy:
1. Filter materials. Good filter materials (such as HEPA high-density filter materials) can absorb pollutants above 0.3 micrometers up to 99.9%; if indoor smoke and dust pollution is heavy, you can choose an air purifier with better dust removal effect.
2. Looking at the purification efficiency, if the room is larger, you can choose an air purifier for large room with a large unit purification air volume; for example, an air purifier with a unit purification air volume of 120 cubic meters per hour should be selected for a room of 15 square meters.
3. Look at the service life. As the purification filter becomes saturated, the adsorption capacity of the purifier will decrease, so consumers should choose a purification filter with regeneration function to extend its life.
4. It also depends on after-sales service. After the purification filter fails, it needs to be replaced by the manufacturer. Therefore, consumers should choose products produced by manufacturers with perfect after-sales service.

how to choose air purifier for large bedroom

Generally speaking, it is best to choose a negative ion air purifier for home large room. Negative ion air purifiers and ordinary air purifiers use different working principles. They release small particle size negative ions to actively attack indoor pollutants. In the "National Standard", the air purifier standard is clarified, which can further straighten out the messy air purification market. The new national standard stipulates that a real air purifier should meet high CADR value + high CCM value + high energy efficiency value + low noise value. Simply put, the air purifier should not only have low energy consumption and low noise, but also have a good purification effect. , The purification area is large. The negative ion air purifier adopts ecological negative ion generation chip technology and nano fullerene negative ion release technology, which can not only produce small particle size negative ions, which has an excellent air purification effect, but also has no noise and does not produce consumables. It is very suitable for large bedrooms use

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