Do Air Purifiers Help Sinus Problems?

Do Air Purifiers Help Sinus Problems?

Sinus problems symptoms include nasal congestion, headaches, and even a loss of taste and smell. People with sinusitis may often be concerned about ways to help relieve symptoms of sinus problems, and sensible use of an air purifier is one of these effective ways.


Do air purifiers help with sinus problems? The answer is, of course, yes. According to stomatologists, air purifiers can improve the symptoms of patients with sinusitis. Here's why.


What Causes Sinus?

what causes nose congestion? In recent years, the incidence of rhinitis has increased year by year, so why suffer from rhinitis, the following look at the main causes of rhinitis. Rhinitis is a more common disease in our life, more and more people suffer from this disease, if the conditioning is not timely, repeated attacks often occur, to the patient's life has brought great trouble. Why is air pollution the main cause of rhinitis


Etiology one, environmental factors: according to the investigation, this year environmental pollution is more and more serious, especially since the industrial revolution in the 19th century, the rapid change of human living environment, air pollution seriously exceeds the standard, harmful substances in the air will directly stimulate the nasal mucosa, and become the leading factor causing the high incidence of rhinitis.


Cause II. Other causes: Sometimes the body condition is not good, can also lead to disease, especially our body resistance is reduced, or the nasal mucosa unloading function is destroyed, can cause the virus to invade the body, growth and reproduction and disease, at the same time in the patient's nose, and pharyngeal pathogens also take the opportunity to actively reproduce, the formation of secondary infection, there are some local factors, Such as nasal septum deviation, chronic rhinitis, nasal polyps can also lead to rhinitis.


Nasal mucosa discomfort, nasal mucosa is not normal or infected is the basis of rhinitis, if your nasal mucosa was hurt, these injuries include infection, damage, and so on, once not treated in time it is very easy to deteriorate, so it is necessary to treat the nasal mucosa in time. Pathogenic factors such as viruses, bacteria, allergens, various physical and chemical factors. Because the nasal mucosa itself is relatively fragile, it is simply a thin layer of tissue structure covering the inner wall of the nasal cavity, and the nasal mucosa is mostly in the respiratory part, and because the mucosa itself can absorb a lot of dust particles, bacteria, mucous stained with these things is easy to vent to the pharynx, over time will be infected, and slowly will form rhinitis.


What are the Symptoms of a Sinus Infection

From the above analysis, we can know that the most fundamental measure to cure rhinitis is to protect the nasal mucosa and prevent some bacteria from entering the nose, nasal mucosa to maintain a healthy state, in addition to deal with the causes of nasal mucosa, in fact, these factors should be avoided as far as possible, we live in the earth's environment every day, Although it is impossible to guarantee a completely clean environment, it is good to keep it as clean as possible. An air purifier can truly help you out of the problems.



Why Air Purifiers are Good for Sinus Problems?

  1. air purifier can effectively decompose, absorb, and transform various pollutants in the air, including dust mites, dust, PM2.5, and decoration odor, etc.


  1. By decomposing the above airborne pollutants, the air can be purified, thus reducing the frequency of sinusitis.


  1. By reducing the irritation of nasal mucosa caused by odor, dust mites and dust, it can improve the symptoms of nasal congestion, sneezing and runny nose caused by patients with rhinitis.


Above we already know that air purifiers are good for sinus problems. However, many people often struggle with the choice of air purifiers and humifidier.


Which is Better for Sinus Humifidier or Air Purifier?

MSPure's answer to this question is that air purifier is a better choice for you. Air purifier and humidifier may be confused by some people, but they function differently and certainly don't work the same for patients with sinusitis.


When Do You use Humidifier?

The function of the humidifier is to humidify the air and keep the air moist. It is suitable for the situation where the air is too dry. And if people with sinusitis use a humidifier, if some dirt in the humidifier is not cleaned properly, it will aggravate the rhinitis phenomenon.


When Should You Use an Air Purifier?

The role of air purifier is to remove dust, dust, dust mites in the air, as well as remove some allergic substances in the air such as insecticide, formaldehyde, so as to make the air fresh and not easy to be allergic. By purifying the air, it can effectively reduce the symptoms of sinusitis patients and reduce the frequency of sinusitis patients. Most of the rhinitis allergens in the air are solid particulate matter, so if you are looking for an air purifier for rhinitis, be sure to pay attention to its solid particulate matter CADR and CCM value as high as possible.


So when you or your family are faced with the question of air purifier or humidifier for sinus, choose air purifier. You can also consult your doctor to get an answer.


Best Ar Purifier for Sinus Problems

With 20 years of experience in membrane technology development and manufacturing, MSPure produces air Purifiers that effectively trap and filter odors, hair, pet dander, smoke, fibers, dust, pollen, VOC and more. Can make you breathe more fresh, clean and safe air, I believe it can effectively help patients with sinusitis relieve nasal congestion, headache and other symptoms. We have designed a variety of air purifiers for sinus.