Can You Put Essential Oils in an Air Purifier?

Can You Put Essential Oils in an Air Purifier?

As we know air purifier can help us improve air quality, and essential oil can help us relax your mind, can you put essential oils in an air purifier? The answer is yes, MSPure has nailed it, we designed ms50, an air purifier with essential oil. While how can an air purifier with essential oil benefits us?  And which essential oil is good for sleep? This article will help you find out the details.


What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are distilled from aromatic plants, which are often what we call medicinal plants. The oils capture the plant’s scent and flavor, or “essence.”And the chemical molecules contained in essential oils can indeed purify the air to a certain extent


Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential Oils with Antibacterial Properties

The essential oil we extracted from plants are the antibodies that protect them from virus. And most of the ones that can infect plants are cunning and changeable RNA viruses (coronaviruses are also RNA). For hundreds of millions of years, plants have evolved and found strategies in the fight against viruses and bacteria to ensure their survival. Under the transformation of photosynthesis, self-protection agents are synthesized to prevent or even directly destroy invading viruses. This is the "antibody" of plants. We extract plants to obtain essential oils, which are natural "antibiotics" and "virus antibodies".

Benefits of Essential Oils

Simply put, essential oils can help us inhibit the RNA released by the virus in our cytoplasm, which can pass through hemagglutinin HA (hemagglutinin, HA), and real lavender essential oil can inhibit hemagglutinin HA, cut off the path and inhibit the spread of the virus.


Essential Oils Good for Cleaning the Air

Essential oils clean the air and boost our immunity. We know that essential oils contain strategies for plants to deal with viruses, and professionals in the fields of plants and medicine have been investing in research for a long time, confirming the powerful effects of terpene molecules and phenylpropane molecules in essential oils, and also for We found many ingredients with antiviral effects, such as 1,8 eucalyptol and so on. Moreover, the multi-molecular structure of essential oils makes it have multiple compound effects, which can be combined to purify the air and improve immunity. The special smell also has a spiritual healing effect, so we can know essential oils good for cleaning the air.


Benefits of Essential Oils

Can I Put Essential Oil in My Air Purifier?

Yes, it can work out. Mspure has designed MS50 air purifier with essential oil according to human’s health needs, you can manke three essential oil options at one time. Because essential oils not only smell good, but also have strong air purification properties. Remember, these essential oils good for air purification were inside the plant to help protect it from mold, so it has powerful properties to cleanse your air. Cinnamon, Melaleuca (tea tree), Oregano, Clove, Thyme, Grapefruit extract, and Rosemary oils can be diffused into the air, providing additional support to soothe potential symptoms. However, it can’t be used to rid your home of mold. If you think you have a mold problem, have your home tested by an independent inspector to make sure you and your family is not in danger. If the problem is serious, you’d better have an air purifier with essential oil, give your home air quality a fresh opportunity. There are many benefits of air purifier with essential oil, the biggest one of the benefits of essential oils in an air purifier is clearing your lung.


Purified Air with Essential Oils to Clear Lungs More

We already know that we can use essential oils for lung health, what good does an air purifier do with it? Ms50 air purifier with essential oil can well tell you the result. It can handle poor air quality at home way more better than just one air purifier or a diffuser.

As an air purifier, it has a high efficient HEPA filter to control air pollutants below 0.3 microns, you can be safe from many dangerous allergies caused by polluted an air. As an essential oil diffuser, it uses essential oils to clear lungs by improving environmental health, purifying the air, and avoiding infection with germs.


Essential Oils Good for Cleaning the Air to Many People

The air comes out from an air purifier with essential oil, is pure with no harmful air pollutants, and it even has more than just clean. On the other side of women's skin care, it has many adventures, such as lighten, anti-aging, shrink pores, and reduce wrinkles. To children, it is also friendly to their health too, it has a good effect on children's prevention of influenza infection. To people who always have pressure on work, the essential oil can soothe emotions and improve mental conditions such as insomnia and anxiety.


What Essential Oil Kills Germs in the Air?

  • Bergamot

Bergamot essential oil is generally obtained by cold pressing the peel of the bergamot (Rutaceae) fruit, but can also be obtained by steam distillation. Bergamot oil is rich in monoterpenes, especially limonene (23-55%), linalool (2-37%), linalyl acetate (12-41%), a small amount of β-pinene ( up to 10%) and gamma-terpinene (up to 10%). Vimalanathan and Hudson have shown that bergamot oil has anti-influenza virus activity in vitro (0.3% concentration of bergamot oil 100% inhibits influenza A H1N1). In addition, these workers found 95% suppression of the H1N1 virus after 10 minutes of exposure to bergamot oil vapor

  • Cinnamon

The 0.3% laurel leaf volatile oil of laurel leaf has an inhibitory rate of 100% to H1N1 influenza virus in vitro, and after 30 minutes of action with laurel leaf oil vapor, the inhibitory rate to H1N1 virus is 100%. Cinnamon leaf oil is usually dominated by eugenol (75-85%), followed by linalool (1.6-8.5%), (E)-cinnamaldehyde (0.6-1.5%), (E)-cinnamon acetate ( 0.7-2.6%), beta-caryophyllene (0.5-6.7%), eugenyl acetate (0.1-2.9%) and benzyl benzoate (0.1-8.3%).

  • Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus)

A diverse species of Eucalyptus (Myrtleaceae), is native to Australia but is now cultivated around the world. Medicinal eucalyptus oil is rich in 1,8-cineole, derived from blue eucalyptus leaves (blue gum), eucalyptus leaves (blue gum), multi-bud tea (blue fruit) and camellia oleifera (oil fruit). Eucalyptus eucalyptus essential oil has an inhibitory rate of 90% to the influenza A H1N1 influenza virus at a concentration of 0.3%, and the inhibitory rate to the virus is 90% after 10 minutes of action.

  • Geranium

Geranium oil is the steam distilled essential oil of the aerial parts of geranium. P. graveolens is native to southern Africa, but is now grown all over the world. The main components of geranium oil vary with geographical location and growth stage, but usually mainly citronellol (21.9%-37.5%), citronellyl formate (9.8%-20.6%), geraniol (6.0 -16.5%), geraniol formate (1.5%-6.5%), menthone (up to 13%), isomenthone (up to 9.9%) and linalool (0.8%-14.9%). A sample of P. graveolens cultivated in Bosnia and Herzegovina showed 50.2% geraniol and reduced citronellol (14.2%). Geranium oil at 0.3% inhibited influenza A (H1N1) virus by 80% in vitro and 95% by 30 minutes of exposure to the vapor.

  • Lavender

Lavender essential oil is steam distilled from the flower spikes of the genus Lavender (Lavenderaceae). The in vitro inhibition rate of lavender oil to H1N1 influenza virus at a concentration of 0.3% is 85%, and the inhibition rate of H1N1 virus is 80% after 30 minutes of action with lavender oil vapor.

  • Lemon Balm

Lemon balm oil, a hydrodistilled oil extracted from the aerial parts of the medicinal plant Melissa (Lamiaceae), has shown activity against avian influenza A virus (H9N2). Therefore, at a concentration as low as 5 ppm, lemon balm essential oil has a significant inhibitory effect on viral infection in vitro. Lemon balm oil is mainly composed of citral, neral and geranial. The concentration of neral is generally between 17-32%, while the concentration of geranial is usually higher (23-43%), and some concentrations of geranial are as high as 85%


Can You Put Essential Oils in an Air Purifier

What Essential Oil Good for Sleep?

  • lavender:

Everyone is familiar with the most basic relaxing essential oils. The sweet floral and herbal fragrance can relax the mind and adjust the balance of the body and mind. Both men and women like it very much.

  • Roman Chamomile:

It has a good anti-inflammatory effect and can alleviate the discomfort symptoms of digestive system such as nervous gastritis. Roman chamomile and rose essential oils are expensive essential oils that have a good effect on helping sleep, and one drop is enough when used.

  • Frankincense:

When Jesus was born, three astronomers bowed down from the east according to the guidance of the stars and offered gold, frankincense and myrrh. Its fragrance is quiet and can calm people down quickly, suitable for people who have frequent dreams. It also has anti-aging properties and is widely used in skin care products.

  • Bergamot:

Its spicy fragrance is very mild. When you are irritable or overexcited and unable to calm down, it can effectively penetrate into the body, make you feel comfortable, and have a good therapeutic effect on insomnia.


What Essential Oils Help with Runny Nose?

  • Moroccan Blue Tansy:

One of the four major blue essential oils, the unique component of Matricaria azurene gives it a deep blue color. She is an anti-allergic star in essential oils and has a good effect on skin and respiratory allergies.

  • Gum Fir:

Pinaceae monoterpene-based essential oil can dissolve mucus, reduce phlegm, and relieve bronchial inflammation and asthma.

  • Atlantic cedar:

Especially representative essential oil, because its main components are sesquiterpenes, sesquiterpene ketones, and sesquiterpene alcohols. The aromatherapy circle often jokingly calls its components three balls. It is anti-allergic and dissolves mucus.

  • Highland hyssop:

Lamiaceae oxide-based essential oils. Anti-inflammatory and anti-respiratory tract infection. It is so gentle that even children and the elderly can use it with peace of mind.


Best Air Purifier with Essential Oil for Choosing

Can You Put Essential Oils in an Air Purifier

All in all, essential oil can do many good to our health, while choosing an air purifier with essential oil can help your family to breathe more healthy. MS50 air purifier with essential oil can be your best choice, it has serves you with three oil boxer, so you can enjoy three different essential oils at one time. And what’s more, with a HEPA filter, this air purifier makes sure the air flows out without any harmful pollutants, your will be safe from particles that might makes you cough or get in allergies.