3 Tips to React to Wildfire Smoke - Help You Breathe Healthy Air

wildfire causes air pollution

A wildfire can be a disaster that can cause us to panic, and what’s worse it affects our life not only by burning the environment we live in but also by the polluted air we breathe in. Wildfires are often caused by human activity or a natural phenomenon such as lightning, and they can happen at any time or anywhere. In half of the wildfires recorded, it is not known how they started. While there are many potential factors that can be prevented. 


A wildfire can cause many problems, especially breathing issues. How do deal with air pollution caused by wildfire smoke? This passage will tell you how through the following tips:

  1. Stay indoors and close doors and windows;
  2. Wear a mask when going out. It is best to use N95 masks, while other masks can also work;
  3. Install the best air purifier for wildfire smoke, the purification effect is better.


3 Tips to Remember When You Encounter a Wildfire

Tip 1 ——Close Up Home to Prevent Toxic Wildfire Smoke

Retreat at home Keep doors and windows closed and don't want to breathe in toxic fumes? The easiest way is to stay at home and reduce the time spent outdoors. Of course, at the same time as "closing", you also need to close the doors and windows. This is not just for theft prevention, it also reduces the total amount of smoke wafting into your home. 


This method is simple, easy to operate, and works well. Research shows that indoor air contains 40% fewer pollutants than outdoors!


Tip 2——Wearing a Mask to Avoid Breathing Problems

Wear a mask before going out In most areas covered by wildfire smoke, the greatest threat to respiratory health is PM2.5 (fine particulate matter) brought by smoke. But it's not difficult to deal with them, they can effectively filter PM2.5 in the air. N95 masks are one of the best masks for filtering fine particles. It has a capture rate of up to 95% when filtering airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns. 


However, the arrival of the new crown epidemic has made the supply of masks less loose. Sometimes, not everyone can buy professional N95 masks. But don't worry, medical masks are also very effective in filtering PM2.5 particles. A standard medical mask can filter 63% of PM2.5 particles! We also tested the ability of various masks to filter out polluting particles, and the test results were not bad. Wearing a mask and going out is definitely better than being directly exposed to the air full of pollutants!


Tip 3——An HEPA Air Purifier Kills All Wildfire Smoke In Rooms

Turning on the air purifier can reduce the concentration of polluting particles and harmful gases, and ensure that you can breathe clean, clean air. HEPA filter air purifiers are very useful for purifying PM2.5 particles in wildfire smoke. Tight doors and windows can only block 50% of PM2.5 particles because these particles are very small and can enter the room through the gaps in the doors and windows.


Believe it or not, compared to PM2.5 particles, a single strand of hair has become a giant. But air purifiers can address these slip-throughs. With the right power, the HEPA filter air purifier can filter 99% of PM2.5 particles! Therefore, when choosing an air purifier, in addition to considering the cost-effectiveness, it is also necessary to choose a purifier with the appropriate power according to the size of the room.


Best Air Purifier for Wildfire Smoke

High-efficiency air purifier is referred to as HEPA. It is a mechanical air purifier that works by making the air pass through a fine mesh of filters to absorb harmful particles in the air, such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and soot, at the same way. The HEPA filter can be effective for wildfire smoke filtering, avoiding people breathing smoke in by filter all the smoke in the room.


Most air purifiers use a HEPA filter for smoke, a small, portable design for single-room air filtration. How to choose one effect? There should be a deep consideration before purchasing. The following is a list of air purifiers for wildfire smoke I collect for you:


MSA3 HEPA Membrane Solutions Air Purifier

MSA3 HEPA Air Purifier is equipped with 3 stages within 1 air purifier filter, more convenience comes with high efficiency. It can clean up to 840 ft² room in only 30 minutes for you to notice the difference in air quality in as little as 10 minutes.

 Membrane Solutions Air Purifier

MS18 HEPA H13 Air Purifier for Wildfire Smoke

Same with efficient 3 stages filtration system, MS18 air purifier is a powerful smoke eater. And with powerful HEPA filter inside, it can clean up your room air fast, keep your home filled with fresh air all day.

Air Purifier for smoke


MSB3 Desktop Air Purifier for Small Room Smoke Removing

This small desk top air purifer is designed for rooms as bedroom, which can get you out of breathing problems while sleep. Even if your location is near to a wildfire, this air purifier machine can make sure your breathing safety at night.



To sum up, there are many ways to solve our breathing problems, including close doors to prevent wildfire smoke, wearing a mask to avoid it, and using an HEPA air purifier to filter air at home. While the most important thing that we all need to do is that, we protect our envrionment from wildfire, to make our life more healthy. 

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