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Encompassing outstanding professionals in product planning, industrial design, mold design, automatic control, test analysis, and project management, our team offers robust assistance to foster the company's independent innovation and facilitate the translation of scientific and technological breakthroughs into the manufacturing of top-notch products. Moreover, we provide comprehensive support in future market research and post-sales services to ensure a seamless customer experience.

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Global R&D Center

Membrane Solutions has established a global R&D base and production facility in Seattle, Japan, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Nantong. The combined area of the R&D and production facilities exceeds 40,000 square meters, including a dedicated 10,000 square meters of sterile and semiconductor-grade clean area.

Membrane Solutions possesses an industrial design center, as well as professional R&D teams dedicated to air purifiers and water purifiers. With a workforce of over 50 R&D engineers, the company launches over 50 new products annually and applies for dozens of patents each year. Furthermore, the experimental testing center of the company has successfully obtained various national laboratory accreditations. Each year, a significant portion of the company's sales revenue is invested in research and experimental development.

high standard of product quality

Membrane Solutions holds ISO9001 and CE certifications, along with successfully obtaining US FDA certification and NSF certification in 2013. From the sourcing of raw materials to the implementation of production and processing technology, we prioritize rigorous quality control throughout the entire process. Each batch of our products undergoes meticulous quality inspections and is accompanied by a product guarantee to ensure the highest level of quality assurance.

excellent service

Established in 2006, Membrane Solutions is a globally recognized supplier of membrane filtration products. Leveraging advanced membrane filtration technology, Membrane Solutions specializes in delivering filtration solutions across three key sectors: Laboratory, Industrial, and Residential. With the presence of multiple manufacturing workshops, the company boasts an impressive annual production capacity, while its workforce exceeds 500 employees. Membrane Solutions is committed to providing customers with top-notch products, exceptional service, and punctual delivery.

"Excellent OEM/ODM Strength For Your Success"

OEM/ODM Advantage

Strong manufacturing research developing manufacturer, one-stop air purifier and water filter solutions provider for customers all over the world. 

Reputation is Illustrious

Membrane Solutions has established strategic cooperation agreements with many Fortune 500 companies.

R & D

After years of development, Membrane Solutions has a complete product R&D team and product laboratory. And has many patented technologies in the field of air purifiers and household water purifiers.

Strong supply chain

With a self-built factory equipped with extensive production capacity, the company efficiently manages the entire process from design to mass production, ensuring timely delivery of goods.

Win-win Situation

Establishing ODM OEM cooperation with us, you will be able to maximize the quality and competitiveness of your products.

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