Is Air Filter Washable and How to Clean it Properly?

Is Air Filter Washable and How to Clean it Properly?

The HEPA air filter is durable in many tests, it can filter out various types of particles in your room, and the another virtue is that - Cheap, it is not very expensive to give your whole family a healthy living enviroment with fresh air. While there is a shortcoming of it, which is regular filter changing. And then there comes out a question: Can you wash a HEPA filter?

As a professional air purifier manufacturer, I would like to show you the answer with some stastics.


Can HEPA Filters Be Washed and Reused?

We have recorded three data about air filtering speed, particle capturing rate and CARD of Filter Before and After HEPA washing.


The Three indicators of Washable Air Filter Test

Particle capture: I measured the efficiency of the HEPA to capture 0.3 micron particles before and after suction. 0.3 micron is used because 0.3 micron particles are the most difficult to capture.


Air output: I also measured the air output before and after suction.


CADR: I used the particle effect and air volume data to calculate the CADR.


CADR Before and After HEPA Vacuuming

 air purifier with washable filter


To the average value, the CADR of washed HEPA filter has been enhanced by 10%. While there is a relative volatility: it goes up and down from 14% to 3%. It indicates that, the HEPA CARD value can relatively be enhanced, while it can still not thoroughly solve the problem, it can not give the filter a new life.

Conclusion: On average, vacuuming does benefit HEPA filter, but it is not much, and may damage the structure of HEPA. So, it is not recommended to vacuum HEPA filter.

Result after Washing

It is clear that there’s sudden drop of CADR, because the results were very obvious: HEPA efficiency dropped by 32% after cleaning.

air purifier with washable filter

Can You Clean a HEPA Filter?

Why did the efficiency drop so much? First, after cleaning, the wind speed increased:

air purifier with washable filter

There is more wind now.

While, how did the air volume increase? It dues to reduced particle capture capacity.

air purifier with washable filter

Cleaning appears to have damaged the HEPA structure.

Conclusion: Inhaling HEPA will improve efficiency, but it is not effective and may damage HEPA. Not to mention cleaning HEPA, cleaning will only reduce efficiency. But there is a part of HEPA filter can be cleaned - Pre-filter.


What Is a Pre-filter in an Air Purifier?

Pre-filters in air purifiers are an integral part of almost every air purifier on the market today. This is the first stage of filtration and its purpose is to capture large particles, thereby protecting and extending the life of the primary filter, which is usually a HEPA filter.


A pre-filter is useful because it collects pet hair, carpet hair, large dust particles and other larger particles, extending the life of the HEPA filter.

To avoid confusion, HEPA filters can also retain larger particles, but they get dirty quickly, and then you have to replace them frequently. Pre-filters are easier to clean and maintain, saving you money so you don't have to buy replacement HEPA filters as often.


Some pre-filters connect to HEPA and carbon filters, which is the case with many 3-in-1 filters. Other filters are independent, and they usually require specific cleaning procedures. Many of them are washable.


Pre-filters are nowhere near as efficient as HEPA filters. The efficiency of pre-filters is mostly between 20% - 70%. Most pre-filters are rated between MERV 1-8 and filter efficiency between 20-70%. It can capture particles between 3-10 microns.


How to Clean Washable Air Filter?

How to clean reusable air filter? In fact, there is only one part of your air filter that can be cleaned, and that is the pre-filter. Regular cleaning of your pre-filter can benefit your HEPA air purifier and it will help extend the life of the filter until your next filter change. We recommend that you use a vacuum hose or extension cord to quickly check your pre-filter about once a month.


air purifier with washable filter

Step 1

Turn off the air filter and remove the stage 1 washable particulate pre-filter. The filter is located behind the front grill of the MSPure air filter.


Step 2

Remove the pre-filter and shake. Check the pre-filter to see if it is cleaned by shaking it. If there is still dirt and dust on it, continue to the next step.


Step 3

Wash the pre-filter by hand under warm water.


Step 4

Allow the pre-filter to dry and re-insert it.


The Best Air Purifier with Washable Filter

Combining the most important parameters such as performance, value for money, filtration technology and other factors to determine as accurately as possible the quality and efficiency of these devices, I found the best air purifiers with washable or permanent filters . The air purifier with washable filter at MSPure. It shows a high efficient performance in normal home air purification, with a a washable pre-filter, it has a longer serve life than normal ones. If you are interested in a air purifier for home, do not look further.

air purifier with washable filter