Y7H Best Wholesale Water Filtration Systems for Home

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Model No Y7H
Filtration System CF (PP+CTO)+RO+UVC
Inner tank UV-LED sterilization
Applied feed water Municipal tap water
Purified water flow 8.8 fl oz (260ml) / Min
Filter Life 530Gallons (2,000L)
Maximmm Waste water Ratio 4:1
Rated Power 1650W
Heating method Thick film heating
Rated Input 110/220V 50/60Hz
Adjustable water temperature Milk: 45~50°C
Coffe: 70-85°C
Tea: 80-100°C
Inner tank volume 5L/1.3-gallon
Purifed water tank volume 2L/0.65galllon
Net Dimensions 73.6x16.4x16in
Noise Level <55dB

4-stage Wholesale Water Filtration Systems Serve Purest Water

This wholesale water filtration systems suit for most families, with the 4-stage water filtration system, incorporating CF (PP+CTO) and RO technology, along with UVC sterilization, to deliver clean and purified water. With manual and automatic flushing modes, we ensure consistent water quality. Enjoy the benefits of reverse osmosis and ultraviolet sterilization for peace of mind and reliable water purification.

High Efficient Wholesale Water Treatment Systems Save Water at 4:1 pure-to-drain ratio  

To comply with most family's water saving needs, we make this wholesale water treatment systems high efficient pure-to-drain ratio at 4:1. Featuring a convenient touch button interface, our water dispenser allows you to select your desired water amount with options of 6oz, 12oz, or 15oz. With a spacious 5L large feed water tank, you'll have an ample supply of water at your fingertips.

Smart and Convenient Design Water Filtration Wholesale Only  

Our water dispenser features a compact and smart design with a user-friendly LED display and smart touch controls. Friendly to most familiy's water needs, it's a great water filtration wholesale use. It includes a water shortage reminder to ensure you never run out unexpectedly. Enjoy the convenience of personalized water dispensing in a sleek and efficient package.

3 seconds to get hot water and 3 mode selectable  

Our water dispenser features a winter mode with rapid heating in just 3 seconds. Select from 3 modes (milk, coffee, tea) and choose your desired temperature (Normal/45℃/85℃/95℃). The hot water faucet includes a child lock button and anti-scald protection for safety. Enjoy instant hot water with ease and peace of mind.

Hassle-Free Installation. Easy Filter Replacement with Twist-and-Seal Design  

Our installation-free system comes with pre-installed filters, making the setup process quick and hassle-free. With our twist-and-seal filters, replacing them is a breeze. Enjoy the convenience of effortless filter replacement and experience clean, purified air or water without any complicated installations.