V5 Under Sink Water Filtration System for Sink

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Membrane Solutions®

V5 water filter has a powerful under sink water filtration system for the sink, it is able to filter 5 K Gallons water, and the water flow can reach up to 0.8 Gallon/Min, and its lifespan can last till 6 months, it works well between 25psi – 120psi. This is allowed to the membrane solution’s V5 filter cartridge, which consists of 0.2μm filtration accuracy Polypropylene and high-quality Carbon.


High Capacity Water Filter For Sink
MS’s V5 under sink water filtration system filters 5K Gallons water, water flow rate up to 0.8 Gallon/Min, about 6 months lifetime, works great between 25psi – 120psi. Membrane Solution’s V5 filter cartridge consists of 0.2μm filtration accuracy Polypropylene and high quality Carbon.

Under Sink Water Filter System With Multiple Protections
Remove residual chlorine and heavy metal lead to keep children and family members away from harm; Remove different colors and odors, significantly improve the taste of drinking water; Block large particles and harmful organisms, significantly improve under sink water quality.

Our under counter water filter comes to you with necessary accessorizies and installation instructions.No plumbing required.All you need is an assistant tool kit including cutting knife,philips screwdriver,wrench and drill for tightening Connections and fixing filter.Only Take a few minutes! For better filtration,we suggest to replace after 6-8 month.You should twist the filter cartridge and replace the new one (B07YCFXSCW)

This under sink water filter is desgned for only use with municipal water or water that has been properly disinfected. It fits standard 3/8" compression outlet valves under US kitchen sinks.Its operating temperature should range from 39°F to 100°F.Unlike carbon only filters.

V5 Under sink filter features

Best Sink Water Filter Tool for Your Kitchen 

Owns the most good virtues of other normal water filters, removing different kinds of impurities which can't be captured by naked eyes, what’s more, the under sink water filter can endure hot water from 39°F to 100°, which is born for kitchen water filtration.

V5 under sink filter advantages