Q6 Wholesale Reverse Osmosis System for Business & Distributors

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Model Q6-500GPD  Q6-600GPD Q6-800G Q6-1000G
Filter Life 1060 Ga1lons (4,000L)
Flow Rate 1.3L / Min  1.6L / Min 2L / Min  2.6L / Min
Filtration System PPC (PP+activated carbon block+
PP)+RO 4 stage
Feed temperature 5-38°C
Inlet water pressure 15-60 psi (100-400 kPa)
Applicable Water Municipal potable/tap water or well water meeting government drinking water standards
Pure to drain ratio 1.5:1  2:1 2:1 2:1
Rated Power 65W  80W 100W 130W
Rated Input 110/220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions 15.6x14.2x5.4in 15.6x18.2x5.4in
Faucet SUS304 lead-free faucet
Smart faucet with indicator (optional)
Smart faucet with TDS display (optional)

99% of Filtering Efficiency of the Wholesale Reverse Osmosis Systems

The SimPure Q6 utilizes a dual-filter 4-stage wholesale reverse osmosis systems, including PP CTO and RO filters, with an impressive filtration accuracy of 0.0001um. It effectively removes up to 99% of pollutants and harmful substances commonly found in tap water, such as fluoride, chlorine, TDS, limescale, bacteria, heavy metals, cysts, and viruses.

High Water Flow and Silent Operation of Reverse Osmosis Wholesale 

This product is great for reverse osmosis wholesale distributors. With a high water flow rate of 500 gallons per day (GPD) and a silent design, the SimPure Q6 ensures efficient and quiet filtration without the need for long waiting times. Its advanced intelligent control and built-in high-efficiency pump address the common issues of high noise and low water flow often found in other products. This feature has contribute great power of the wholesale reverse osmosis for business.

Compact and Tankless Design of the Reverse Osmosis Water System for Business 

Unlike traditional under-sink water filter systems, the SimPure Q6 utilizes new composite filter element technology, allowing for more efficient filtration of harmful substances. The absence of a tank means that the system can continuously produce pure water on demand, eliminating the need for tank refills and providing extra storage space under the kitchen sink. These wholesale reverse osmosis systems also helps prevent secondary pollution.

Smart and User-Friendly Wholesale Reverse Osmosis 

The SimPure Q6 is designed to be smart and easy to use. Its all-in-one and snap-on filters design simplifies the installation process and allows for quick filter replacements in just a few seconds. The reverse osmosis system incorporates a built-in intelligent monitoring center and smart faucet, which double reminds you when it's time to replace the filter. This ensures that you can enjoy clean water without any concerns.

Environmentally Friendly and Leak-Proof of the Reverse Osmosis System for Business Purchasing

The SimPure Q6 employs advanced integrated waterway system technology, ensuring safety and reliability while eliminating leaks.For amount Reverse Osmosis system for business purchasing, it has great attractive points. It boasts an impressive water-saving ratio of 1.5:1, meaning that for every 1.5 gallons of pure water produced, only 1 gallon of wastewater is discharged. This represents a 400% improvement compared to traditional RO water systems, making it both economically and environmentally friendly. Additionally, the system features a special interface that can be connected to a refrigerator, serving as a refrigerator filter and offering versatile functionality.