Portable Outdoor Water Purifier Water Straw Filter- Orange Type

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Membrane Solutions®

Portable Water Purifier:
Portable can prevent dysentery by filtering 99.99999% of coliforms in sewage. It can also provide clean drinking water for victims of hurricanes, earthquakes, or other disasters, and can also become a secret "weapon" for water extraction when traveling.

Features of Our Product

Membrane Solutions, as an experienced water filter manufacturer, has developed many water filter products, water filter straw is one of our best products, it's especially used for outdoor, such camping, hiking, and even traveling.

Survival Gear for Outdoor Water Needs
If you want to obtain clean drinking water simply and quickly, you can use this survival gear. The mini and lightweight filtering systems are ideal for recreation, hiking, camping. It’s also your good companion for scouting, domestic and international travel, emergency preparedness.

4-Stage Filtration
Our 4-Stage Filtration system includes a coarse filter screen, pp cotton, coconut shell activated carbon and hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes. which can remove coliforms and improve the taste.

Smaller Pore Size 
We all know that the smaller pore size, the higher the filtering accuracy, Our pore size is 0.1 microns. Compared to the 0.2-micron filter straw on the market, Membrane Solutions 0.1microns pore size filter straw maintains the optimum flow rate while maintaining the filtration accuracy.

Portable & Long Life-Span
This straw filtration at only 6.7" long and 1" in diameter fits any bottle, cup, or glass. It weighs just 2 ounces and fits in the palm of your hand, pocket, gym bag, backpacks, survival packs and purses. Long lifespan ensures it provides up to 1500 liters (396 gallons) of drinking water. You can take it anywhere you want conveniently.

4-Stage Filtration System

1.Coarse filter screen
This filter will remove most of large particles.


2.Activated Carbon Fiber
ACF filter elements can offer longer life, it removes 99.99999% of coliforms through adsorption.
Effective at reducing bad tastes, odors, and other particles in water.

3.PP Cotton
The PP Cotton is a sediment block filter designed to remove dirt, sand, and other particulate matter down to the 5-micron level; along with taste and odors.

4.Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane
The pores of the Membrane that allow water to flow through the fibers are up to 0.1 microns in size, which can remove 99.99999 percent of coliforms, and as well as bad odor, make water taste better.

Recommended Replace Period of Filter

After filtering 1500L water ( ideal conditions), or when Membrane Solutions Personal Water Filter becomes more difficult to draw water through, or off-odors and tastes are no longer removed, it has reached its recommended service life. Suggest to replace with a new MSPure Personal Water Filter.

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Orange Straw Water Filter *1
Instruction Manual *1