15mL Conical Centrifuge Tubes | Sterile Plastic | Non-Pyrogenic, DN/RNase Free, 50pcs

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  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - 15ml Conical Centrifuge Tube with High purity PP Material and Max.RCF: 9,400,it can Autoclavable at 121_ and freezable to -80_.
  • LEAK-PROOF - 15ml plastic centrifuge tubes have longer length screw caps, which is used to prevent sample leakage and it smooth, flat inner surface, no residual solution.
  • STERILIZED - Centrifuge tube is Gamma radiation or EO sterilized, non- pyrogenic, DNase/RNase free.
  • EASY READ - Plastic Centrifuge Tube easy-to-read black graduations are accurate to ±2%, 1mL increments, with a large white marking spot
  • WRITING AREA - 15ml conical tubes With a large unerasable frosting white printed writing area provide easy and legible mark, and both the graduations and writing areas are chloroform-resistant.