100 X Autosampler Vials 2ml HPLC

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  • LOW EXPANSION COEFFICIENT - 9mm Screw Thread Autosampler Vials are made of clear Type 1, Class A Borosilicate Glass with very low expansion coefficient. It shows excellent chemical resistance to acidic and neutral solutions, due to its relatively low alkaline content even to alkaline solutions.
  • ATANDARD UNIVERSAL VIALS - Our HPLC sample vials is 12mm Diameter, 32mm Height, compatible with Agilent (1042, 1050, 1080, 1082, 1084, 1090, 1100, 5890, 6850, 6890, 7670A, 7671A, 7672, 7673A/B, 7683, 7890, 8042), Bruker (8100/8200, Marathon), Varian(Marathon), Waters, Thermo, etc.
  • 9-425 SCREW VIALS - 2ml sample Vials with unique thread design ensures consistent seal and can be reused, not volatile, easy to use, Amber vial with large writing patch for sample identification and it with ISO 9001 certificated.
  • PRESLIT PTFE/SILICONE SEPTA - 2ml Amber GC sample vials included blue ABS Screw Cap & Septa (Blue PTFE/White Silicone Liner). The preslit Septa can reduce flat pins curving and When collecting in large quantities, prevent negative pressure from forming in the sample bottle. It is highly recommended to use pre-opening septa for Shimadzu, Hitachi and other autosamplers with finer needle specifications
  • APPLICATION - Standard Autosampler Vial for HPLC & GC Chromatography, sample vials can be used for high performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography for reliable analysis results