100 X MCE Lab Supply Membrane Filter

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  • APPLICATION: Mixed Cellulose Ester (MCE) membrane Filter is composed of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate, which is higly biologically inert and widely used in Microbiological analysis of water, wastewater, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals and beverages.
  • HIGH QUALITY MEMBRANE: Sterile gridded membrane filter is without support layer naturally hydrophilic membrane, ideal for Colony Counting and Sterility Testing, and our MCE membrane with ISO 9001 certificated and meet ISO 7704 requirements.
  • GRID LINES: Gridded filters have clearly defined grid lines spaced at 3.1 mm intervals. Contrasting grid lines facilitate counting colonies on the filter surface and are tested to assure freedom from grid line inhibition.
  • HIGH POROSITY: Microbial membrane filter have high porosity allows gases and liquids to provide high filtration rates in every area. High porosity also provides a large surface area for adsorption and binding.
  • STERILE INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE: Membrane filter disc filters sterilized by 25 kGrey gamma radiation, sterile-sealed without protective paper, placed on a band in individual packages. This special setting ensures each membrane filter will stay perfectly flat when they are dispensed.