T1-6-100G 6-Stage Alkaline Water Purifier with RO Filter For Healthy Drinking

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6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Alkaline_Sink Water Filter for Kitchen:

Filter Out_Vinyl Chloride,_Butyl Acrylate, Ethyl Acrylate, and Methyl Methacrylate, ensuring clean and safe drinking water

Alkaline water has up to 20% more oxygen than regular water. 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis_RO Water filter Filtration System with a 3.2-gallon Pressure Tank Exclusively designed to restore the natural alkalinity and mineral balance of water. The Membrane Solutions T1 6-stage RO_water purifier system converts the tap water into clean, pure, and healthy RO drinking water by removing harmful contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, and more.

The Replacement for T1-6 Series


Comprehensive Alkaline Water Purifier with RO For Healthy Drinking

This reverse osmosis water filter has 6 water filtration stations, high filtration efficiency rate of 99.99% with its capacity to remove bacteria, sulfates, fluoride, and other toxins in the water. The alkaline under sink water filter is a high technological advancement that allows water purification that works even in non-portable tap water. It can also turn high-mineral content water drinkable.

Alkaline Reverse Osmosis System of the Best Alkaline Water Purifier :

Produces safe drinking water removing up to 99.99% of, 1000+ contaminants,perfect water filter for sink.

1. Sediment filter with melt blown polypropylene (PP) microfibers to remove sediment, dirt, sand, rust, and particles of equivalent size.
2. Granular activated carbon (GAC) filter made from coconut shell-based carbon that removes any organic chemical present and any objectionable odor or taste. Chlorine, taste, odor (CTO) filter made from coconut shell-based carbon that removes chlorine, taste, odors and similar contaminants from water.
3. Reverse osmosis system that removes up to 99% of Impurities , heavy metal, color, dissolved solids by only allowing water molecules to pass through it.
4. Post carbon filter (PC) filter with highly compressed carbon blocks that remove any unremoved or dissolved impurities by adsorption and acts as a polishing filter. pH+ alkaline (AK) re-mineralizing calcium filter adds calcium carbonate to increase water alkalinity.
5. Post carbon filter (PC) with highly compressed carbon blocks that remove any unremoved or dissolved impurities by adsorption and act as a polishing filter. with highly compressed carbon blocks that remove any unremoved or dissolved impurities by adsorption and acts as a polishing filter.
6. Alkaline filter provides pH+ and adds calcium carbonate to increase water alkalinity.

Alkaline Water Purifier
under sink water filter
Alkaline Water System

Alkaline Water System With 100 GPD Tank Instantly Sends Pure Drinking Water

This alkaline RO water purifier is a pump-free design, so we smartly give it an water tank upgraded from 75 GPD in 100 GPD, it collects more water and stores it for later use and timely access. And the alkaline water purifier ensures the storage tank is always full, you can get pure water instantly all the time. Needs no pump and electricity, it takes less space than normal water filter, and helps your house water filtration easier. With one alkaline Water System, you won't need to waste money on water drinking such as bottled water.

The T1 under-sink alkaline water filtration system works without electricity, no pump needed, thereby reducing the amount that you spend on electricity and bottled water. High capacity 100GPD with speedy water flow, by just replacing the filter replacement, your family can enjoy safe and clean water. Each cartridge can be used for 6-12 months. For better filtration, we suggest to replace the RO membrane after 12 months and the rest filters after 6 months.

PH Adjustment of the Alkaline Water System for Better Taste

The Undersink Alkaline Water Purifier has an outstanding alkaline water system, which can adjust pH to the best level for our body, provide healthy water with pure taste.

Normally filtered water from a reverse osmosis water filter is with nearly zero harmful pollutants, while the RO membrane will unrecognizably remove helpful minerals which are needed in our body. But membrane solutions have solved this with our Alkaline RO water filter, which can adjust the filtered water’s pH to 7-8 with active mineral technology adding calcium, potassium, magnesium, and it can fully satisfied pH requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Install the best alkaline water purifier for home at membrane solutions, it makes your home water taste purer and healthier with no odor than normal ones.

Alkaline Water System

Easy Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Installation

Don't waste money on professional installation, our 6-stage reverse osmosis water filter installation is fairly easy, it comes fully assembled - the system with all necessary parts and the industry's best instructions and videos for an easy DIY experience. The quick-fitting connectors and lock prevent the water from leakage, no threading pipes needed. Besides, the filter housing is heavy duty and it can be installed without other tools.

Package Content:

Machine body with RO housing and 6th stage
Pre-filter housings x 3
Pre-filter pack (F3) & Premium RO membrane
Water tank x 1
Housing wrench x 1
White tubings (1/4" OD) & Spare fittings and O-rings
Feedwater adapter (fits both 1/4" NPT & 3/8" COMP)
Drain saddle